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Helmets and Hair Loss

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by xcamx, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Something i have always wondered, Do helmets contribute to hair loss???

  2. Speaking as a long term chrome-dome... no.
    If it's going to happen, the worst a helmet can do is speed it up by a few weeks.
    NOT wearing a helmet (if that were possible) would undoubtably speed it up even more :p
  3. No. Look at the majority of motoGP riders. They still have full heads of hair and most of them have prolly spent more time with helmets and hats on there head then they have without. Granted most of them are of European and so will have lots of hair anyway but that negates the point.

    Doohan and Gardnet still have lots of hair.

    Hair loss is genetic so unless you destroy your hair by putting too many chemicals in it or something similar you have no say in the matter.
  4. especially when they peel the chunks of road out of your skull after having a prang :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:.

    I'd prefer to wear a helmet and go bald.
  5. No, i read something a while ago about headwear not contributing to hair loss. But it would explain my predicament :LOL:
  6. So how do you explain Vic??

    (Prepares for termination of Netrider account...)
  7. Worried about hair loss? Strike first - shave your head!

    ... it works for me :)
  8. I recon its slowed my hairloss since I started riding.
    The ride too and from work with some decent twisties is great to unwind and seperate home and work. Cuts a lot of stress :grin:
  9. Helmets don't cause baldness. Testosterone does. If you want to prevent it, you'll have to cut your balls off. :wink:
  10. was you mothers father bald too? you a bit worried? :LOL:
  11. I'll take the bait. Dropped on his head as a baby :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. crap, must be the stress of work then.

    how does that saying go? umm its not a bald head its a solar panel for a sex machine... something along those lines lol
  13. I like this one:

    If you're going bald from the front then you're a thinker.

    If you're going bald from the back then you're sexy.

    If you're bald all over... Then you just think you're sexy.
  14. Absolutely!!!!

    I worked with a bloke who was absessed with covering his scalp with that hair in a spraycan stuff.

    When I laughed at him he said that i'd go bald too.

    I replied with "the minute I notice scalp it's all coming off"

    He laughed and said that I would never do it.

    About a year later, I cut my hair and he saw scalp showing. He pointed it out and when I checked he was right. My hair was thinning and you could indeed see scalp.

    The following day I went to work with a shaven head. He almost fell over.
    I've been lazy of late and have gone up to 2 weeks without a shave. Then again I'm shaving my face once a week too coz i cant be stuffed.


    Hair is for imperfect heads(tm)
  15. God is just
    God is fair
    He gave some men brains
    And others hair

    It's genetic, can't beat those genes.....
  16. Yep it sure is. It's also not a beer belly but a fuel tank for the sex machine.
  17. You can't drive a 100mm nail with a tack hammer.
  18. Mine's not, it's bed-head erosion............. :grin:
  19. I would say no. Mind you I shave my head once every 2 days. Its the best way to stop worrying about your hair. Just a thought, pubic hair is always curly and never receeds. Try wearing your undies on your head under your lid. Give it a shot, you will probably end up looking like Donald Trump!