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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farkinott, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. I bought one of these online on 16/11/10 and it arrived in the post today! I am not used to to this kind of service in Townsville!
    So far it looks good and I will give it squirt of silicon spray before it is used on the bike. I had gotten sick and tired of fiddling with the helmet lock on my Shadow. I came to a bit of a solution a while ago by locking mine and the missus' helmets together through the sissy bar with a cheap padlock but that was fiddly too and pissed me off. If you don't hear from me again you know the product lives up to expectations.


  2. What's the vibe out in Townsville?

    Here in Melbourne if you leave your helmet attached to your bike, someone might pee or poo in it.
  3. you can buy almost exact same style from bunnings for like $6.00-15.00
  4. I can usually leave my helmets just sitting on the bike. I only lock when in towns I don't know or are leaving it for greater than 10-15 mins. As for crapping or pissing in the helmet................I have never heard of it thank fark!
  5. I picked up a helmetlok recently as well, great purchase, before I had a thin chain with a small padlock/key - and it was all such a nuisance to use, most of the time I didn't bother bringing it with me and would just end up lugging my helmet around. The helmetlok just streamlines the whole process, you clip it on to a belt loop on your pants then just run it through the loop in your helmet strap to secure it to the bike.

    It's just a really convenient way to keep your helmet with your bike - I use it all the time now. Highly recommended.
  6. Someone might catch a possum, mince it up, mix it with some honey, dry it out, grind it into a powder, mix the powder with some rat piss, filter it through a cheesecloth and squirt it into your helmet with a super-soaker too!
  7. True if you are paranoid about leaving your helmet I am sure they could f**k with your bike unless you never leave that.
  8. haha, I'm seriously! I remember someone telling a story on NR years ago about leaving the helmet with their bike on a Friday night and someone had barfed in it!

    It might have been baiting I will never know, but a slightly scary proposition.
    Plus, where do you put your gloves?
  9. I would still say that it is an urban legend people often embellish stories on forums. Plus what stops someone barfing on your seat? If you worry about these things you will have a stressful life.

    I leave my gloves under the seat or sometimes just stuff them in my jacket pocket.
  10. I just stuff my gloves in my helmet and then helmetlok it all to the bike. Completely secure? Of course not, but it's a lot more convenient.
  11. I saw the helmet lok at the expo for $21.00. I just think whats to stop someone just cutting off the helmet strap? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just replace a helmet strap then buy a new helmet.
  12. To replace the helmet strap you have to destroy the eps liner rendering the helmet ineffective