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Helmetless rider on saturday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I had forgotten but it was actually a quite funny sight.

    On saturday at about 1:50pm I was riding to work when I had to stop for a traffic light. I was minding my own business until I noticed on the other side of the intersection a guy maybe in his 50s riding a maxi-scooter without a helmet.

    He was standing just there fixing his hair with his hand and just started riding when the light changed.

    When I thought I should investigate it was too late and he just went by, so I couldn´t signal him to try and understand why was he riding without his helmet.

    Probably someone stole or probably he forgot it at home, or probably he just rode helmetless for the sake of it.

    I hope the police didn´t get him.

  2. I hope the police did get him.
  3. :LOL:
  4. I've seen several riders pillioning people with no helmets through the cbd in daytime.. kinda scary to think what would happen
  5. Have you ever ridden over the posted speed limit?

    Now that I wouldn't do.

  6. You are what is wrong with this country.
  7. +1
    One of these kind of people :roll:
  8. I saw a Police bike rider riding home a couple of weeks ago in his "non-riding" uniform of short sleeved shirt, normal pants, shoes, no gloves!
    He was on his police bike and looked quite cool!!! :cool:
    P.S. He did have a helmet
  9. I hope the road didn't get him, I couldn't care less if the police got him. :grin:
  10. maybe the boogie man got him...
  11. I had the same happen the other week. Waiting for the turning light, a bike pulls up next to me. Police man with normal shirt, pants and what looked to be traffic directing gloves. He was wearing a helmet, but if I were to do that with my L's on, I'd expect a chat into the pros of good safe clothing when riding. Or maybe that's just me.
  12. In two minds about that one... When I first learnt to ride when I was 12-14, it was 50/50 chance I'd wear a helmet while bush bashing, and I still don't wear a helmet when riding down my road at <20 (dirt road) while testing the various bikes (helps with listening for noises.) However, I am adament in my wearing of a helmet on the public road, and I must admit, given the chance of debris bouncing off the noggin and idiots on side streets, it's pretty foolish to choose not to wear a helmet on public roads.... so a little part of me hopes he got pulled up...

    Oh wait, I must report now.
  13. Doublepost...
  14. Well I hope SOMEONE got him, and told him what a dill he was.....

    Of course, he could have lost his helmet, or had it stolen (but then he shouldn't have been riding at all)

    Or he could have left it at a very important business meeting and was on his way back to get it (but then he shouldn't have been riding at all)

    Or someone in the office might have needed some new copy paper and he was going to get it (but then he shouldn't have been riding at all)


  15. when dad taught me how to ride trail bikes, he made sure i wore a helmet at all times.

    unfortunately the only helmet I had was a stackhat :LOL:
  16. Tell me, if a copper tried to stop you for not wearing a helmet, and you didn't, are they allowed to give chase?
  17. Yes they can, but they probably will be very careful and cancel the chase pretty quickly
  18. Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:02 pm
    Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:26 pm
    Yep you sure are !!!
  19. That is atrocious behavior, old enough to know better what can happen, even if he was only going to the shops to get a haircut more like it... haha... thats just not on... no helmet, no bike! Period!

    If a car had hit him, and the car was at fault, i can bet the car would be to blame if he cracked his head open! :evil: