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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FALCON-LORD, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. A Couple of questions come to mind.
    My old helmet has been sitting in the cupboard since I got off the bike 12 years ago should I be replacing it?

    If I need to, I'll replace it streight away, otherwise it will still be being replaced eventually.
    So what is a diecent helmet. I'd like to go with a full faced one (Non of the cannon ball types) I probably would like to keep the budget under $200
  2. I would say so! 12 years - gosh. Just go to a bike shop with a good range, try on lots and buy the one that fits YOU best - (a definition of a decent helmet) and is within your price range.
  3. i saw some niffty looking HJC helmets around for $175, possiblely off onea them Ebay stores, compared to a shop price of $250, if that helps :S
  4. There are quite afew helmets around these days for <$200. THH, M2R, HJC, KBC, Nitro to name afew brands. Even AGV's entry level helmet is only $199.

    Just go to your local shop and try them on. and YES DEFINATELY, MOST CERTAINLY you should be replacing your old helmet. A general rule of thumb is to replace them approximatelt every 5 years!
  5. Yep you should definately be replacing your helmet, not only would some of the materials have started to break down but modern helmets are just so much better now - even the cheap ones. There's quite a few entry level fibreglass helmets out there for around that price mark (personally I'd recommend staying away from the plastic ones) so try a few and see which fits best.
  6. time for a new one definately. You will most likely find a decent helmet in your price range. Just one thing to remember its your head your protecting.. :?
  7. What do you usually do with the old one? Keep it on the shelf for "emergencies"? Or do you throw them away?
  8. Your old helmet is for the odd pillion. Better that they should have a helmet that actually fits than a shiny new one. So u need more than 1 spare.

    Geez maybe I had better replace mine (actually I know I had better replace mine.. its a question of cash :(
  9. The general rule is to replace helmets every few years, but that's because after a few years of use the internal materials compact and wear, and become less effective.

    Lots of stores have brand new helmets sitting on the shelf for years. I can think of a few without even trying.

    Does that mean that those helmets should be replaced before they've even been sold? That would simply be rubbish.

    Is there any reason to suggest that a helmet will deteriorate if left sitting in the top of a cupboard?

    How much use had the helmet had prior to storage? That's the question I'd ask.

    ...having said that, yes - today's helmets are better, but you won't get much helmet under $200. I think you've got to go over $300 and look at something from KBC or similar to find a decent entry level replacement.
  10. I seem to remember there being a timelimit on how long the Aus Standard sticker was valid for. I think it's 5 years.

    So yeah...if a helmet sits on the shelf for years I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be sold.
  11. A KBC VR-1 Plain colour helmet, which most places should have on sale now as it is discontinued could be easily picked up for $200 or less. A wouldn't touch a 12 year old helmet with a barge poll, even if it was brand new and never been used, stored clean, dry and dark!
  12. LineNoise: Really? I've seen helmets most certainly more than 10 years old that have had a valid Aus Standard sticker. No expiry date, sticker still intact and everything.

    Some places like Clark Rubber re-line helmets, they change all the padding and lining and all that. Not the hard white stuff, just the soft stuff. No idea if this would make the helmet less safe or anything though.
  13. I'm sure I've read it somewhere and I've been told it multiple times.

    But yeah, there's no expiry date so I don't know how it's supposed to work.
  14. So, it must be true :)
  15. Cool - if you can pick up a plain VR-1 under $200, that's great.

    But I'm still waiting for someone to tell me why a helmet would deteriorate if it was left sitting in the top of a cupboard... :roll:

    So...why wouldn't you touch one?
  16. But... was it on the Internet? :D
  17. Apparently the hard white stuff goes brittle over time (5 years being the acceptable time limit).
    This stuff absorbs the any impacts before they reach the grey matter causing brain damage.
    So even an slightly older helmet that's been on the shelf since 2001 will not be as effective as it was when it was made, even if it hasn't been dropped.
    Methinks it's also a good idea to check the year of manufacture when buying discounted helmets.
    Also, you can find out after a couple of google how different helmets compare in the various Oz, Euro and U.S. safety tests if you're interested. You'd be surprised but the more expensive ones aren't always the safest.
  18. Thanks...we're getting closer to an answer.

    So, the internal liner deteriorates by compaction from use, and over time[/i]

    Is that true?
  19. ...if it was on an internet forum, it really must be true :LOL:
  20. scrambler: 5 years being the acceptable limit? From manufacturing date? That would give most helmets only probably 4 years of use (since most helmets would probably sit on the shelf or somewhere for close to a year before being sold? Discounted helmets probably longer)?

    I wonder when my helmet was made...