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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bigz8u, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi

    Just wanting to know if someone can recommend which helmet is good for comfort and quality oh not to mention price.

  2. The problem is that no 2 heads are exactly the same shape or size. The only thing you can do is get into a shop and try some on.

    Also check out The SHARP website as they test, and rate, the helmets.

    As to price, well, you can generally save a bit on a helmet if you get the plain, single colour version. Otherwise you gets what you pays for.
  3. once you get up around the $600+ mark, you're buying a good helmet regardless.

    so find what fits your head, what colour scheme you like, and buy it.
  4. AGV GT-Pro
  5. +1 but i'll add sometimes last seasons graphics will be cheaper than the single colour ones
  6. Shop around. Also as mentioned above, last season's graphics usually get discounted at some point.

    I just picked up a Shoei X-11 (top of the range Shoei GP helmet) with Bostrom replica graphics for $550 in Brisbane. It was marked $1,199.00.
  7. become a member and get discounts at certain stores as well,in melbourne could not recommend bikemart highly enough
  8. i have a spare helmet i rarely use

    Shoei XR 1000 Diabolic Revelation $550 RRP 799

    reason i can sell it to you is not because its busted. there are accidental drop everynow and then when i cant carry my bag full of books for college and fall down a few stairs but a drop will not deteoriorate the safety of the helmet at all.

    I bought a new helmet M2R GP1 Prodigy