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Helmet with wipers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tweetster, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Wondering if this is feasible, or whether riders would actually buy or use them?


    this looks a bit of a worry!!..."give rain the finger"

  2. Lol, no thanks.
  3. Nah.

    I'm going to get one of these instead.
  4. lol
    wiper blade on the glove is decent enough
  5. Lol so if its actively raining, you have to ride with 1 hand the whole time to get any result? Could be awkward at the lights... I think ill stick with turning my head left and right in the wind to get the drops away from the visor! Also I don't think i'd trust that yellow thing on a pushbike let alone the moto, i very much doubt its got snell backing... Then again, it does look very well vented....
  6. That helmet one can't possibly work given that it would oscillate right and left, not go around the visor. I would only touch at the middle of the cycle.
  7. *LOL*.... I really would be tempted to put the finger wiper on the middle finger! :p
  8. The finger wiper works brilliantly, you don't ride constantly with it wiping away, you do it once every so often as the visor when you are moving does allow runoff.
  9. Having a ponder about why cars need wipers and visors dont. Seems if your in a car and you move your head to within a couple of inches of a wet windscreen you get a lot clearer vision. Seems thats why I was never bothered much by a visor.

    Also plastic polish (plexus) works wonders on visors.
  10. also pondering...
    also car windscreen is at an angle and going to catch lots of rain from most angles, helmet's vertical so less chance to catch rain.
  11. I just do a head check... Clears the water off the visor and allows me to make sure some buffoon isn't about to merge into me.
  12. I just ride with the visor up and cop rain to the face, that way at least my glasses don't fog up :p.
  13. I just glare at the rain and it knows to stay out of my way. :twisted:
  14. Music embedded in webpage.

    Insta-fail and close window without reading a single damn thing on the screen.
  15. Those finger ones are quite good. They have them built in to some gloves on the market now.