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Helmet with retractable sun visor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ngalbrai, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Do motorbike helmets come with retractable sun visors under a clear visor that can be put up and down on the go?

    Will they fit over glasses?

    Would be after one with the thing that goes over your nose so your breath doesn’t fog the visor up too.

    In fluoro pink.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    p.s. kidding about pink.
  2. Nolan do one (N102) with the sun visor on the outside of the regular visor. Zeus do one (ZS-3000A) with the sun visor on the inside.
    Neither will interfere with glasses.

    Can't help you with the pink.
  3. HJC IS-16, I have one and it's bloody fantastic... Can't answer glasses or colour questions but at least you can head out and try one now... An example below:

  4. BMW System 6


    Nolan N103


    I don't think either are available in Oz :(
  5. I never knew such a thing existed....
  6. Lazer Breva
    Lazer Monaco has a photochromic visor

    but don't know if they are AS so prob not much help
  7. I've got 2 and they are excellent IMO. I wear glasses and the internal visor goes over them without problem. Unfortunately, it's not treated with fog free stuff so sometimes you have to lift up the main visor a bit.

  8. Hey I too have the HJC above and something I looked at (same as two pics of other helmets) is to have the sunvisor on the inside as it'll pretty much remain clean and also make sure it's easy to lower the sun visor while you're riding.

    I have seen some helmets with the sun visor externally which I personally would avoid.
    Each to their own thou..

    Good luck with it all.
  9. Feedback I've heard from a rider who had one as part of his helmet was that the sun visor collected dust and got scratched easily.
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  11. the Vemar Jiano costs $195 :wink:
  12. I've been looking at the Shark Evoline S2 for a long time. Expensive at $500 or so. Would internal visors fog up that bad? I was under the impression that the main visor gets fogged because of cold air outside and hot air inside, but it'd be hot on both sides of the internal visor right?
  13. yep, the internal visor stays fog-free, in my experience
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    Thanks for this! I was looking at this baby when i was at actionmc on monday arv.

    The only thing that throws me off is the price point.
  15. Me too. It's $100 dearer then the OGK helmet I'm looking at. The only two features this has over the OGK is the sun visor and it has a feature where you can open up the visor like 1mm to clear any fog/mist on your visor. Considering I can just buy a tinted visor on the OGK for $70 when summer comes around, I think I'm gonna go for the OGK.

    Anyone got any thoughts?
  16. I got my HJC IS-16 for $300 at AMX. Don't pay $70 for tinted visor here, get it on ebay for $20.
  17. The Rjays Tourtech costs $249 without the internal visor, $299 with....