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Helmet with mirror !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by stu_h, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. This looks cool

    Called a reevu it Has a small mirror Panel Above the eyeline which reflexs from inlets at the back.

    Awesome idea !

  2. Would not pass AS1698 if the intrusion into the helmet is being more than 5mm

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  3. hmmm i like it, great idea, he did mention it will be going through all country standards
  4. meaning ECE 22-05 (europe ) -- more than likely - we often get overlooked

    damn good idea though
  5. The original version was available in NZ but not Australia, which highlights the stupidity of having unique set of standards instead of adopting european ones as NZ has done.

    This really makes my blood boil when I think about it, because it seems like a pretty good idea that would be worth trying out, but we will be denied thanks to stupidity of our regulations.

    If you think about it, all that having our own standards does is keep quality, smaller manufacturers out of our market - because in the end it's mainly the purveyors of mass produced crap who will have the resources and incentives to go through our certification process.
  6. Not really -- I am bucking that trend - it just means you have more hoops to jump through

    This is a direct result of SAI Global and its 5 ticks marketing campaign -- they have the general populace fooled into thinking its a Government type regulation/approval ( the 5 ticks ) - again I am bucking the trend and getting my helmets certified by a different body instead of the "5 ways to rip you off " monopoly
  7. They wont work for sportbikes.
    You'll only see the sky unless your head is dead level ala cruiser.
  8. NZ and AUS standards are identical and have been for many years AS/NZS 1698 the helmet standard is a common standard.

    Standards are in place to protect the purchaser and prevent cheap knock off copies made to no consistent quality from sale in the country. I admit that we should working to harmonize our standard with the European ECE-22-05 standard. If the USA can ever come out of the dark ages and get a single standard themselves also with them.

    The Snell standard has had some bad press lately because it is a little dated on current ideas. It is probably one of the toughest standards regarding impact resistance but modern thinking is for controlled deformation which the Snell standard does not do well.
  9. There have been a few threads on this already.
    They have been going through AS/NZS1698 testing for months now.
    I think it’s a great idea and have been tempted to use one unapproved.


    If you’re interested, get on their mailing list for the official release.
    They’ve also dropped the price down to $300 while still uncertified.

    You’d have to be staring at your tank to see the sky in the mirror. If you’re looking at the road your bike will have no impact on the function of the helmet.
  10. 1698 may be the common standard the difference is that NZ accept international ones too.

    From here. -->http://www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/r...d-your-motorcycle/wearing-the-right-gear.html
  11. I'd have to try one, but to me it would create an unnecessary distraction in your 'eye line', and potentially create a blind spot looking forward.

    The other issue I have is the same that I have with rear view mirrors in cars, lots of people use them instead of doing a proper head check.
  12. Yeah I seem to wonder how necessary they are when we have side mirrors.

    I don't think they'll let you see anyone in your blind spot so you'll still need to head check.
    I have my mirrors set so a slight movement on my head enables easy view of cars behind anyway.
    Time will tell I suppose if it's good or just another passing fad.
    Certainly won't be rushing to get one.
  13. sorry if this thread is a repeat...

    mirrors on most bikes are shiat, i would think in the same way you get used to a car mirror, you would get used to this.

    Once certified I would be interested in getting one.
  14. According to the review I read, that's not the case. The mirror does not sit directly in your line of view and you have to move your eyes slightly upwards to look into it.
  15. We'll I've used one, so all bow to my awesomeness.

    It's f*****g awesome. Really really tempted to get a $300 non-certified one if I could only confirm sizing... I could bin the mirrors on my bike then too.
  16. Section 5.3 AS1698 Internal projections

    the only permissible internal projections shall be for , retention system, attachment of eye protection, life support equipment, communication and ventilation systems
  17. As I said, I'd have to try one, until then I'll reserve my judgment.

    Agreed that some bikes have shyte mirrors.

    Personally, I'll think I'll stick with doing head checks. I was taught not to rely on mirrors. I ALWAYS headcheck, particularly in the car.
  18. What happens when someone leave's their high beams on behind you?? Auto-dimming glass or something??

    What if you have pillion??
  19. i already know whats behind me. slow people.

    looking at them would only make me sad
  20. The lenses through the helmet are coated so it's not that bad really. Otherwise it's a case of opening the visor and tilting the lens backwards a touch. Otherwise you just angle your head.

    Dunno why people are saying that they'd still head check. I always do, no matter what. When driving do you just look in your rear vision mirror before changing lanes?

    It's a great aid in situational awareness, that's it.