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Helmet with flip down tinted visor

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Reido, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm looking at getting as new lid and like the ones with the clear visor but with the flip down tinted visor behind it (as i'm sick of having to carry another visor when I commute.... i ride to work in the light but come home at night and dont like carrying backpacks etc). just wondering if any of you own one and how you find them? also to make the tinted visor come down, there is a sliding tab at the top of the helmet and a button to release it. cant help think that this may let water in through the top of the helmet. any experience with this too?

    thanks in advance
  2. There are a few on the market these days but I use this one and very happy with it.

    Fairly good price too with AMX seling plain color for around $300 and a little more for the patterned designs.

    I too like how you can just put down the tinted visor up or down depending on the conditions.
    Perfect on those days when the sun comes and goes particularly on wet days as the sun appears in a cloud break causing high glare off wet roads.
  3. A few different brands now do helmets with dual-visors, choice will likely come down to which brand fits best rather than which design is better.

    I'm currently using a Nolan N84 with the twin-visor thing:
    It's a much simpler design, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Was the only option for me though, as the HJC and Shark options didn't fit well (and AFAIK Shoei don't have a dual-visor model).
  4. yeah Joedelosa that looks good. I have an HJC at the moment and like it. Another HJC would be good so I can still use the existing tinted and clear visors as spares if i need to.
  5. Thanks JD i also quite like the nolans as well.
    Amx doesnt have many nolanss and I need one today as I want to ride and AMX is the only place in the east open today (Sunday)!!!
  6. hence why i need to get the photochromic one sorted out
  7. As said best one will be the one that fits an individual's head.
    I did see those nolans but chose the hjc as the tinted visor is on the inside which means it's always clean.
  8. I have an Rjays Tourtech with the flip down visor. The control is on the left side, not on top.

    It's a pretty cheap helmet and therefore quite heavy but the visor works well. I have the front visor as light tint and then can drop the inside one down for afternoon sun etc.

    Helmet breathes well but probably too well for winter.
  9. I have previously owned the Nolan. I eventually ripped the flip down dark vizor off. I found that when up it rattled and annoyed me and when down was not especially dark so I needed sunniees anyway. Although I liked the Nolan for comfort and it has an bvery good safety rating outperforming some much more expensive helmets, I found the arrangement to put the vizor on and off to be complex and time consuming compared to most other helmet systems. Doesn't mean I wouldn'[t buy another Nolan just I wouldn't bother using the tinted vizor.

    I currently use a RJays Tourtech as my daily commute. It's not the one with the flip down tinted goggles but it's basically the same helmet. It's cheap and you basically get what you pay for. I find it very noisy, so much so that I never bother trying to listen to music while riding with it on, I save that for my other helmet. In winter my face freezes because it is so drafty. If it wasn't for the convenience of flip face which I like I wouldn't wear it. (My other/touring helmet is full face). Would I buy another one. No way. Never.

    I know someone else who bought one and they took it back to the shop and demanded their money back. That said I no some other people who have one (including my partner) who don't mind it.
  10. I've also found it annoying when fully up (since it traps the wind), but all that goes away if you put it just one click down - which only tints the very top of the visor (not that dissimiliar to the average car windscreen).

    Biggest drawback is the fact that having the tinted visor up means it can collect a lot of dead bugs on the inside of the visor - which are a pain to clean out. Though if I had a helmet with an internal tinted visor I'd probably just end up riding with the outer visor open, and have the same sort of problem anyway.
  11. +1 for the TourTech with drop down tinted visor. Reasonably happy with it considering the alternative at the time was $900
  12. http://www.shark-evoline.com/English.html
    This is the new version of mine. I think its one of the few which opens fully and rests on the back of the helmet which means that its not top/front heavy. (Have a look, it might make more sense than my explanation). The reviews I read after I got mine did say this was one of the heavier helmets in its class, but I wouldnt know if I hadnt been told.
  13. I have the HJC, it's not as dark as having a full tinted visor as sometimes there will be glare off the road etc, but its pretty good.

    It's safer in a way as you can move it up and down on the move.

    Another bad thing is that the air in the front comes in in front of the tinted visor so you don't get that cooling when it is down, which makes a difference in summer.
  14. i've got the same as joedelosa and VerticalC,
    HJC IS-16.
    likewise cost me 300 bucks at AMX.
    The internal sunvisor is a light tint, perfectly adequate if it's glary outside, but not much good riding into the sun. it's pretty ****ing cool to push the button when you dismount to meet and greet, and it snaps up, love that.
    not huge airflow, but vents do actually work.
    good helmet though, has everything. chin curtain, breath guard, removeable insides for washing etc. visors and accessories are cheap and abundant. can even get a breath box, pinlock visors. does'nt leak and visor action is snappy, seals perfectly and can be locked shut. peripheal vision is better than most cheapies. good commuter helmet, nothing fancy. 3 star rating SHARP testing.
    the helmet is also sold as a snowmobile hemet, so if you wanted to you could fit the electric heated visor system straight on. any HJC visor/shield stamped hj-09 fits it.

    HJC shaped head only requirement probably neutral to round internal. don't pay more than 300 bucks because they can be had for that, shop around.
  15. Got the Zeus flip model, with internal tinted visor. Can't fault it's operation, although I am yet to use it in really heavy rain. Maybe it is a little on the bulky side, but not as heavy as Nolan.