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Helmet with built in GPS display...thoughts???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by luke4224, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Found this on a tech site that I read. Looks interesting. Price tag is a bit steep.

    "Move over, Glass, there’s another AR solution for motorcyclists. A startup out of Russia has ideated a helmet with a HUD that claims to solve all your navigation needs.


    LiveMap’s helmet looks more like the lovechild of a Simpson racing lid and fighter pilot helmet, than a traditional motorcycle helmet. The company says it will be slightly bigger than your average helmet but its carbon fibre construction will keep it relatively light at under 1kg. That’s the hope, at least. By projecting a transparent image onto the visor, the rider doesn’t have to look down at their phone or GPS, or up into a corner like with Glass. It’s very much like the HUDs on fighter pilot helmets.

    Maps will be powered by Navteq and voice commands handled by Nuance and battery life is expected to last a whole day or however long two 3000mAh batteries will go, which doesn’t seem that long. It will be certified across the board: DOT, ECE, etc.

    LiveMap even has $US1 million in backing from the Russian government and is looking to raise $US150,000 on Indiegogo. But can a helmet like this possibly be developed for just a million? As it stands now, LiveMap says they have bits and pieces of everything working but not an actual working helmet prototype. And they want to sell each one for $US1500. So I’m very sceptical but hopeful that this actually becomes a real thing that I might one day purchase. Unless, of course, one of the existing manufacturers does it first."

  2. I love the idea but the cost is way to high.
  3. Wow... Good idea but ill wait about 5 years after its released for the price to come down... A lot haha
  4. ^^^^^^^ This
  5. No no no a thousand times no, are they trying to turn us into two wheeled cagers.
    I am already sus of anybody using a cheat like GPS on a bike, what the hell is wrong with a map??? or better still getting lost, and finding your way back isn't that half the fun??
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  6. Ok if you have used google maps on an iPhone you would appreciate how well it carries out gps function.

    Im unsure whether dedicated gps has a future and with google glass going into helmets it's a bit hard to see how a $2k dedicated helmet would be marketable.
  7. A "google glass" visor might sell -- with all the heavy lifting done on another device. The best bit will be getting rid of the instrument cluster on the bike (for aesthetic purposes). :cool:
  8. Might look good on a naked, but what about sportbike? Going to look weird with nothing there.
  9. Can't I just wear Google glass with my helmet on? :D
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  10. Yes sure but ...

  11. There are times to go adventuring and there are times for utiltiy - getting from a to b efficiently. Sure could of done with the utility last weekend - ended up down unsealed road in the dark. First time I've had the bike on loose stuff and that was fun :D but I was about an hour and a half late as a result.

    I really like the idea of having relevent information in view at all times - glancig down every so often to check the speedo is tiresome.
  12. They list Australia for initial release but don't have ADR listed in their certification list - not in the video anyway.
  13. I would rather dip my genitals in battery acid, think I said something along those lines in the other thread about this piece of crap. Don't get me wrong the actual concept is kind of cool, but I can see this being used for ultra nannyism (even a word) or to train us like cagers to be reliant on the tech around us rather than the instincts within us.
  14. no not getting you wrong at all i hear where you are coming from, but at various stages while riding i pull over to consult google maps / navigation to look for directions. i was born without a compass something like this would totally appeal to someone like me
  15. How stupid.

    Everyone has an internal compass, how do you think that people got back to their cave before night for 2 million years. Your ancestors would have been eaten by a lion if you didnt have that gene.

    This tech just makes you supress the skill. Navigation is easy, if you want to go west ride away from the sun in the morning or towards the sun in the arvo. If its night use the southern cross.
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  16. What if it's cloudy?

  17. Just pick a direction and ride, if its the wrong direction you just get to have a longer ride.