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Helmet Wiper System

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Apr 10, 2009.

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    So for uni I have a class that requires us to come up with a proposol for something. Being a fairly airy theory subject I figure innovation is more relevant than feasibility :rofl: so here is my whacky thought.

    So I'm working on a proposal for a commission for R&D + manufacturing of a helmet wiper solution. And it is something that would be pretty damn cool to have for many of us. From being seemingly 100% necessary in some situations, eg. on the freeway with cars kicking up fine mist, destroying visibility we have no choice but to wipe it with a glove, a wiper would be great. As riders we know how important visibility is, not just needing to be able to see the road but needing to see the quality of the road in terms of avoidance, eg. potholes, oil, debris, etc.

    The uses would be for rain, but also for cleaning off bugs. I'd imagine some sort of spray system would be integrated for that purpose, similar to that on cars.

    I've done only a minor amount of research so far but it seems a pipedream so far. Alternative solutions include;

    - Glove wipers

    - Tearoffs
    Simple enough and effective, but not effective or practical for most road uses.

    - Hardcore racing version;
    This doesn't really work too well, its not designed for use with motorcycle helmets (unless you want to invest in a car battery backpack)

    - Overseas Efforts;

    From what I've seen so far it seems, Asia is leading the way having the most polished system. The language barrier is annoying as I can't really see a link to further information and all my attempts to find more about it only led to [media=youtube]khcu8AicuUM[/media]

    Can anyone translate this for me? [media=youtube]F40lz7Y0eEs[/media] :yeah:

    Extra crazy ideas
    That ones a cracker. Interesting idea but :shock: not really going to happen. Plus I fear if dirt was caught on the wiper trap it would scratch the visor quite badly.

    I don't really understand what that one is even about, sounds like something spinning extremely fast in front of the face to block rain/bugs/etc.

    The main problems/requirements for a comprehensive system are providing power and being easy to use, affordable, doesn't require unreasonable maintenance, reliable, safe and effective.

    No doubt in the future all helmets will have built in wipers and we'll wonder how we did without them, but for now, the technology needs to developed, streamlined and mass produced to be feasible.

    Thoughts? :)
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  3. Glove wiper is perfect, made my own and love it in rainy weather, THAT along with the fogoff facemask and no visibility issues.

    In your study you also have to take into account visor fogging in rainy weather, a wiper system will only go so far.
  4. just chuck on rainX
  5. this might be completely unfeasible but could you look into an electrostatic repulsion system? As I understand it water is a polar molecule so can be manipulated by electric fields. The weight of large water drops might overcome the electrostatic force but that fine mist might be treatable this way. Perhaps a superfine mesh that is transparent and hooked up to a battery. Now that I think about it more myself, maybe a series of vertical electrodes so the small droplets get pushed together then aggregate so they are large enough to run off like bigger drops. If I see it on the market in 12 months time I'll expect a check in the mail :p