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Helmet winter chill & wind roar - a solution

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Smokae, May 24, 2009.

  1. I think others have had them shipped out from the UK. Do a search for "windjammer" for reviews etc.
  2. someone posted a review of one here last week.. I can't be bothered to look for it, though :LOL:.

    I just rode from Melbourne to Cann River, arriving at 9:40pm last night, and Cann River to Wollongong, departing 7:45 am this morning, and with just a Netrider neck warmer, I can't see that such a cumbersome piece of kit would have made much difference....
  3. There is no Australian supplier. They only sell it direct. Shipment is quick and cheap.
  4. I used a scarf.
  5. Just a quick heads up I may be the Australian distributor for these soon and will be able to offer a good discount versus ordering it from England.
  6. Just a heads up if you do make sure you follow the proper channels for advertising on netrider
  7. I have one (similar design different brand - wind stopper) and haven't used it in years. Just try to get it to stay onto your helmet... just try... :roll: ...stupid waste of money... oh, just try to get your head to fit through the damn hole! LOL... the idea is better than the application.

    The best wind jammer is a designed neck cowling that can be zipped to your helmet then tucked into your jacket... or better yet, get a scarf.
  8. What about the fogging of your visor though? The wind may be cold but it does clear the fog away.
  9. One product i find works very very very well, cuts noise, keeps the neck warm and stops fogging
    FOGG OFF face mask.
  10. ... or a Netrider Neck Warmer :).
  11. Yes, do a search on windjammer, there is a thread about it where I have also posted.

    Whilst it does stop wind getting up in the helmet, I still wear ear plugs as well as it doesn't stop external wind noise, and a turtle neck cover.

    Also, visor will fog in colder weather because no air coming in. So I use a visor insert to stop fogging, as well I leave the visor open 1-2mm when riding in the morning at the moment to get a little air in.

    Overall not a bad product, but don't expect miracles from it. I have no problem with mine staying on. I had to peel it off a little recently to put on hi-vis helmet stickers and it's stuck on there really, really well. I only found it harder to put on for first week or two until the material loosens up a little.
  12. One of those foam neck braces from the local hospital A&E would probably work just as well. I know that sound like a joke, but a doctor I used to know in Bowral did just that, and he reckoned it worked a treat.

    Don't know how it went in the wet though. :?
  13. I use a fogoff mask, or my neck warmer. This item looks good however
  14. My WindJammer II is stuck on good and proper Rob. It isn't going to move anytime soon, although it can be peeled off, as DrewBytes mentioned. While it does make getting the helmet on a little harder, it also makes my helmet stay on better, since it sqeezes the helmet in a little from the side, holding the check pads firmer against my head.

    As almost everyone has said, the WindJammer II isn't a complete solution, but it does cut back on high frequency noise, and stop a little of the wind buffering. I'm happy now to ride up to 80 Km/h without ear plugs, while previously I didn't like to do that.
  15. Wheres do i get this NR weck warmer