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Helmet 'Whisper Kits' *update*

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VFR750 IRYDE, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. I've found 'whisper kits' for Shoei helmets. See http://www.hideout-leather.co.uk/folders/helmet_accessories/helmet_accessories_whisper_strip_kit/ for an example.

    I wear a very noisy KBC, and without ear plugs 100kmh is sometimes actually PAINFULLY noisy.

    Has anyone used a whisper kit?
    Does anyone know of KBC whisper kits?
    Will the Shoei version work just fine on any helmet? (I can't imagine there's much difference in the shape of the bottom rim from one helmet to another... is there?)

    If you know anything, feel free to help!
  2. Why not just get a good set of earplugs?
  3. Both my helmets have something like the "whisper kit" included in their design as standard - a very tight neck-seal and chin area. In clean air they're extremely quiet (though the Shark RSX has a high-pitched whistle that's very loud, caused by the visor fasteners and air vents).

    The problem for me is turbulant air from the mirrors and windshield/instrument cluster buffetting the helmet, which drums on the shell and makes a loud 'booming' noise... and 'whisper kits' won't do anything to address that.

    Earplugs for me. *nod*
  4. I do a lot of 'helmet on, helmet off' stuff on weekends and the plugs are a pain in the a**.

    Plus having the reduced noise will help with my (soon to arrive *hopefully*) comms kit.

    And reducing noise is no bad thing, even if I do still wear plugs when I'm planning a long ride, or a bit of pegs down work through the twisties.

    Yeah, I get that too, but I tried wearing a balaclava bunched around my neck and shoved up into the base of the helmet to block the airflow and even the 'drumming' seemed to be reduced, tho not eliminated. I just can't be bothered positioning that balaclava every time I put the helmet on.
  5. Wonder if they are avail here :?
  6. Have you considered that maybe you are sticking your earplugs in the wrong hole?


  7. Re: Helmet 'Whisper Kits'

    I use this one on my pillion lid: http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/windjammer/helmet-wind-blocker.htm.
    It transformed a very noisy KBC VR2 into a nicely quiet helmet.
  8. Wow, all this time I couldn't understand why I kept failing anatomy... :p :grin:

    Thanks DeeCubed. I wear a KBC VR2, and yeah, it's noisy! I tried the link but it wouldn't work for me, so I googled 'Windjammer wind blocker' and got the exact same review, on the exact same url... so why didn't that link you gave me work???

    Anyhow, I've ordered two of them from: http://www.proline-sports.co.uk/acatalog/UK_Wind_jammer_21.html and hopefully they will despatch them today (which they claim they will) and I'll be able to provide a review in about a fortnight.

    Cheers all!
  9. Dee left a stray '.' at the end of the URL. Spankings for DeeCubed! :LOL:
  10. As long as it's just spanking :bolt:
  11. How did you go with the Windjammer?
  12. Ha, funny you should ask. Turns out the expiry on my Credit Card had passed when I ordered (but I still hadn't got my replacement in the mail) so the order was cancelled!

    I should get back to them and order again because I'm still having issues... :LOL:

    Might do that now actually.
  13. I have re-ordered and I'll post a review when I get them. :grin:
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  15. I've ordered a Windjammer too. I'll post a review in here when I get mine. It should work, as when I put my hand over the gap at the front of my helmet (chin area) it stops most of the noise.