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helmet washing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Noel, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. My helmet's getting a bit dirty. How do you clean the inside of your helmets? During the Pre Learner's course the instructor said whenever you do the washing up, wash your helmet too. I wasn't sure if he meant submerge your helmet in the dishwashing water.

  2. I was told to wash to outside of my helmet with warm soapy water. I was told that if the inner was removable then I could throw that it the washing machine whenever required. I was also told that if it wasn't removable and the helmet had done three years, throw it out and buy a new one as the outside is probably no good as well
  3. Get yourself a light cotton balaclava to wear between your scone and your lid. It stops the scalp/hair oils from soiling your helmet liner.

    As for washing, use a sponge and some baby shampoo dish washing liquid suds up too much
  4. i didn't wash my old helmet once, after 5 years it smells like shit! its now my pillion helmet and everyone complains after wearing it :LOL:
  5. :p

    Damn.. that was such a good idea! :LOL:

    Personally I just take it of before I ride the bike thru the car wash!
    JOKING!!!!! :shock: :shock:

    Mine has a removeable lining that can supposedly be machine washed. When it gets on the nose I'll hand wash it in eucalyptus soap (smell real good)

    Vic, I was wondering how to stop me gloves from going all smelly, I reckon a light washable inner glove woud be the go, or can leather/kevlar gloves be washed like the helmet liner?

  6. I've been moderated! (I feel so soiled...)

    It seems some people either (a) have no appreciation for deadpan humour, or (b) think users of this site are very very stupid.

    Okay people, listen carefully. When I said that helmets fit nicely into the dishwasher but that you need plenty of rinse aid or the visor gets streaks...I DIDN'T REALLY MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR HELMET IN THE DISHWASHER. It's a BAD IDEA. For those of you down the back who weren't paying attention - it was a JOKE, ok? Got it?


    PS: Iffracem, have you tried putting your smelly gloves in the microwave to disinfect 'em? :LOL:
  8. Eco cycle for open face, heavy wash for full face.

    You'll need a powder with enzymes to get the bugs off the visor. Tablets just don't cut it.

    [Next week: how to get oil stains out of your lounge room carpet.]
  9. With rinse aid of course, to remove the streaks.

    I 'Omo-ed' mine a little while ago and it now smells as fresh as a summer breeze.

    ... took ages to dry out though, which didn't help the hair much and made it a bit squidgy whenever I put it on (like wearing a wet sock on my head - not an entirely unpleasant experience though, I must admit).
  10. ok now that the silliness has passed remove the visor and wash the inner non removable liner in shampoo preferably a gentle shampoo and use sparingly.
    Shampoo removes hair and scalp oil and the helmet does smell very nice afterwards.
    Rinse thoroughly. and put in a drafty area to air dry.
    It may take a day to dry off completely.
  11. I think that the general rule of thumb would be that if you'd wash yourself or your clothes with it then it will be fine for your helmet lining.

    It does take a while to dry, but don't be tempted to speed it up by placing your helmet on a radiator or above a heater as this could damage it.
  12. My AGV is meant to have a removable liner but buggered if I know how to get it out. There's a plastic tab thing at the back that looks like it should lift the liner but it doesn't want to budge.

    Maybe I shouldn't have thrown the instructions away....RTFM!
  13. Or (c) jokes/humour posts aren't appropriate within threads inside the 'technical advice' forum. As it is, the topic's been moved from there anyways.
  14. Febreeze, not sure of the spelling, seems to work OK on the inner lining, just give it a spray and soak up with a towel.
  15. Febreeze might make it smell good, but doensn't get rid of the skanky sweat/hair products/oils and grit....

    My helmet has a non removable liner, and I wash it in the laundry trough using regular laundry detergent. I completely submerse it, and just press around all the spongy bits to make sure it gets right through, then the same when rinsing... You wouldn't believe the crap that comes out!!!

    Sure, it takes a couple of days to dry, but at least you know its clean again, and the spongyness all comes back to life.
  16. Re: helmet washing; Cleaning the inside of your helmet?

    read what seems like some good advice on the Bikers Anonymous website

    very similar to some of the advice already posted

    have not tried it yet,
    bit worried about the potential effects on the glues that hold the innards together

    may try it out soon,
    about to retire the current helmet due to age
    (even though it does not have a single mark on it)
  17. A couple of years ago, I bought a small can of "AGV" helmet cleaner.
    Simply spray on, leave for a short while and then wipe off.
    Little bit scary how much grunge comes out on the cloth.
    Dries out overnight.
    Very effective.
    Haven't needed to use as often lately as I wear a cotton balaclava under helmet.