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Helmet vs Escalator...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aero_nz, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. So I stopped in at chaddy this morning before my first attempt at a decent ride, had planned a couple of hours down the coast, had my brand new boots on and was set for a day with the bike.

    After a nice lunch I took the escalator (down) gripping tightly onto my helmet (Im very paranoid about dropping it) and $%*@ me I managed to drop it somehow (dont ask I cant remember...) and my helmet fell from about 60cm to the first step before rolling down the next 4 before the nice girl (actually hot girl - maybe reason for dropping helmet? haha) stopped it and handed it back to me.

    Is it dead? Is it now a $400 ornament?

    I rode straight home in fear, but upon further investigation it looks alright, no cracks or damage in the coating, and sounds pretty solid with the old tap test. Unfortunately i just have this mental image of it bouncing off the steel steps on the escalator....

    Im still in my gear and wondering if I should just go for my ride regardless or head striaght to a bike shop (any open today I wonder) pick up a new lid and enjoy this glourious weather!

    p.s. yes im a $(@#(#@ idiot !@#(@#( dropping helmet $@#@ @#@$@# end rant/vent
  2. The helmet is fine.

    Tell us more about the hot girl.
  3. The man has his priorities right.
  4. Haha thanks for the reassurance, I figure if it cant take a half metre drop what good would it have been in a crash anyway, and there is no penetration of the outside layer of the composite layer at all just a dented ego and a mark in the paint.

    The girl, well lets just say she wasn't completely unfortunate looking....
  5. If you need more assurance, google/youtube/netrider search 'jay leno helmet arai'. He does an interview with a person from Arai and asks a question relating exactly to your question. The guy gives a straight no b.s. answer.
  6. Dont worry about the helmet. But did u get her number?!

    On topic:

    only when there's an object like your head inside that will effect the fall, but it wasnt inside the helmet when it fell, so its fine.
  7. Found a video of it here.

    About 3 minutes from the end. Take a look, see what you think. But yes, dropping it [example used by the guy is from a motorcycle seat] is pretty much fine.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. :worthlesspics:
  9. If some rampant piece of smouldering tottie was gently cradling MY helmet, I would put all motorcycling plans on hold...
  10. Great link.

    Friend of mine bumped into leno at some car show in southern usa. Ended up talking old fords with him for 2 hours. He's just like he is seen here - down to earth, loves his cars and, apparently bikes too.
  11. Good vid, best source of helmet info I've seen, nice crash too.
  12. That was a great link. Now I won't stress too much if I drop my helmet.

    Incidentally aero, did the eye candy give you a saucy wink and her home phone number when she handed you your helmet back? Did she have huge tracts of land - if you know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink.
    Come on dude, don't let us knuckle draggers down here, tell us you scored... :cool:
  13. Oh well :(
  14. ahahahaha. :LOL:
  15. ...did you check to see if she was wearing the right sized bra?
  16. I think my gf does...

    With the helmet size, I was told by a few sales people that when you get a new helmet get one that has not too much pressure on the top,front and back of your head. and with the cheek you should be just biting it when you move your jaw. This way once the padding compresses it'll just fit you perfectly every time.

    Atm, my helmet is probably a size too big for me. When I got it, it fit me abit tight but then the padding already compressed, so is abit loose.