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Helmet visors + sun burn

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Drew, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. is there a way to make Helmet visors UV proof like sunglasses??

    I currently have a tinted film on the inside of mine to cut down sun glare but i am starting to get a nice tanned oval on my face where the visor sits....not a good look :evil:

    Manufacturer aftermarket visors are not UV rated at all that I have found.
  2. THere's some stuff out there like this reusable Tint a Shield film: http://www.tintashield.com/

    I usually slap on some moisturiser with SPF.

    Or you could just embrace the racoon look :)
  3. cheers.

    tint-a-shield looks ok asuming the UV protection is up to scratch.

    otherwise..might just have to do the suncreen application before riding.
  4. :nail: :grin:
  5. Actually I'll think you'll find that most decent visors will block virtually all UV light anyway - even the clear ones.
  6. well mine doesn't... had a nice "red oval" at the Gippy Spanner day.

    most visors ihave seen actually hav a label/moulded into visor that they don't filter UV light. AGV do this cause i checke when looking at a AGV hekmet.
  7. That's odd since the additives needed to make polycarbonate block UV really don't add much to the cost of manufacture. This is why clear safety glasses which (I think by law) block UV still only cost a couple of bucks each. You'd think with the prices they charge for visors they could at least make them UV resistant - it's really something that should be part of the AS. The visor on my "cheapo brand" NEX blocked UV.
  8. yeah would be nice if they did.

    i'd even pay some extra for it too.

    maybe get my visor tinted by one of the car tinting places... i'm sure they must have some type of clear or light tint film?
  9. My girlfriend is pedantic about UV (she hates sun/tans) and asked if any tinted (and/or clear) blocked any UV at all at a few/lot of motorbike shops (such as shoei, AGV etc. Anything like $200 ones, $900 ones) and every person said a big nope to all. So far as I understood, hardly any clear or tinted (IF any?) block out UV (properly?).
  10. Strange I have seen a few visors advertised that specifically mention that they block UV - although must admit those were on international sites (so perhaps we just get stuck with the cheap crap ones). Clear, thin films which block UV are definately available and I'd imagine most car tint places should have them - although car window glass cuts out UV anyway. I wonder if this is an issue for the anti-cancer council - after all pretty much every other item designed for eye protection needs to also block UV these days. Ridiculous that the same doesn't apply to motorcycle visors.
  11. Sounds a good idea. With the influx of "non motorbike stereotyped" people getting scooters, possibly get the UV/sun cancer thing to be boosted by advertising to "normal" people (with scooters). I use the term "normal" people VERY loosely but as most of us know, the greatwer majority of society (sheep) think all motorbike riders are scum drug selling/taking gang members and/or boy/girl racers :roll:
  12. All the AGV helmets I've looked at have UV protection? It seems I can't post the link to the site. (Under 5 posts)

    But if you go to the AGV website, and click on a helmet, it will have a link to show all available visors.

    Edit* Updated link: www.agv.it/prodotto.asp?mod=VCO&Id_Prodotto=6&Id_ProdMarca=1

  13. will definately be something to consider with the next helmet....

    if other manufactureres have UV protection the why don't all of them have to?
  14. hmm...

    I’m really surprised by the lack of UV protection.

    That being said, I have an iridium visor for my Shark, and have never had any problems at all with sun exposure whilst wearing it. As an added bonus, it looks ace! :grin:
  15. Fog Citys Hyper Optiks inserts provide UV protection. But I'm sure most genuine visors also have that property too.
  16. Well the visor that came with my KBC leaves me with definate exposure marks..... Jafu has photographic evidence in his Spanner day gallery :?

    guessi might hae a look around as some different inserts. I have a Progrip one which has a light tint but doesn't seem to do much for the UV levels.
  17. Got a reply back from Sunsmart Victoria:
    So seems it's simply a case that visors don't need to block UV to be approved for sale (at least in this country) - so some manufacturers aren't bothering to do it (even though it's not that difficult or expensive).
  18. Well then. guess i'll be looking at labels more carefully then.
    ol slip slop slap on the bike.

    still might see if i can find some clear UV film for the helmet
  19. You should also put sunscreen on the back of your neck. I always catch the sun there while riding.