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helmet visor tinting

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by supagu, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. i have a bike helmet with removable visor. I have a fully tinted one and a clear one. With the clear one, i want to get the top part of it tinted as the sun is awfully bright in the morning, but its dark when i go home.
    Is there some precut tint i can buy or some place i can take the visor to to get tinted?

    im in Adelaide by the way.
  2. Sunglasses work well for me.
  3. Untill you crash. If you must get sunnies get polycarbonate, or get a pair of oakley ripoffs made of the same from your local safety hardware store. Cheap as too.
  4. I have the ugly fish motorcycle specced sunnies.
    They don't shatter.
  5. Nice. Many of the top brands are polycarbonate now anyway, rayban for instance.
  6. im trying to avoid sunnies as thats more shit i need to equip and carry around when im on my bike.
  7. Well only thing i can suggest is you go to those car tinting places and see if you can get one of the guys to cut and shape a strip you can place on the inside of the visor.
    Or buy the nolan helmet which has a sun shade built in.
    Seems like a big task for what a pair of sunnies can do.
  8. After a couple of months of riding without sunnies, i remembered i had sunglasses that had interchangeable lenses.


    Works wonders because it takes 2 seconds to switch the lenses over and therefore i ride with my visor up mostly and use the dark tint in the day, and clear plastic at night. I think the rose (orange) lens is for dawn/dusk riding and i'm not even sure what the rust lens is for.

    I have a tinted visor for my helmet which i hardly use anymore because these sunnies took its place. I carry my sunnies around in the same front pocket of my motorcycle jacket as my wallet and phone.

    And they cost me $70 back a few years when i bought them primarily for cycling/ night cycling. Prices have gone up a bit tho it seems.
  9. you can buy sheets of car window tint pretty cheap, just get some of that and cut a strip to size.

    i have the same predicament...i wear the tinted one and just wing it at nigh...mainly cause it looks cooler
  10. I thought a strip of gaff was the oldest trick in the book :p
  11. want that leave funky residues on the visor? celofane would do the trick.
  12. Enjoy rehab. Also don't get caught wearing a tinted visor at night by the cops, they take a pretty dim view. They can actually book you if it doesn't have the little approval sticker on it.

    Sunglasses really are the best solution here. With a well fitting set you can ride with your visor up if you're having visor fogging problems and if it gets cloudy you can pull them off at the lights and chuck em in a pocket (preferably in a case). I wear an old pair of oakleys that are all poly and wrap around pretty well.
  13. Two visors is the best solution, I don't buy the idea of sunglasses inside a helmet: yet another thing that can fiddle around, fog up, cause pain or end up distracting you.

    With a clear visor for night, tinted one for day you are covered.. Get a bum bag with a spot to slip a visor and you're done..
  14. [​IMG]

    About $30 - PoS in the city have them.
  15. Thats what i do.... the Shark helmet i have is quick and easy to change visor on - dont even need to take the helmet off.

    I always carry a bag on my rack though so it may not be practicle otherwise - i dont know about that stow away thing, wouldn't it get annoying while your riding?
  16. Seems you could buy a regular visor with the Aus standard sticker on it then tint it, right? Street legal tinted visor. :?:
  17. i picked up a half tinted visor for my shoei, seems to work very well day/night and use it as my primary visor. i have yet to see anyone rock one on the street before
  18. Shoei are very easy to change.. If someone has those ones (is it suomi?) that have covers over them and need a little tool to change: I'd say go with sunglasses.

    The bumbag thing I've got I barely notice and it helps with the pillion too (fills the sports bike gap between back and pillion seat). You'd think you might feel the plastic visor since it's hard, but nope. Haven't tried that stow away thing, but imagine it's the same.
    I got one of these (but it was in the UK):

    So anything similar to that should work.