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Helmet upgrade.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I went to have a perve at the BMW motorcycles at lunch time. While I was there I was looking at a BMW helmet. Not the flippy uppy system 5 one but the other full faced none enduro one they sell.


    I didnt like the system 5 helmet bacause it did not seem to have much support around the cheekbones, because of this to me it felt kinda odd.

    Now I was looking for a helmet upgrade (had the current lid 4 years so its past due for replacement), and was wondering if there was anyone else on here who had one and had any thoughts on it

    I also liked the fact that the one I tried on was matt black and had a tinted visor so that I looked like 'the stig's evil twin :)

  2. I think with helmets you really just need to try on a heap of them and find one that fits really well. At the BMW shop is probably not the right place, though if you try a heap somewhere else and the BMW one still feels best that's fine of course.

    I'm about due for a new one myself, and will be lifting the price cap a bit from the 300 or so I paid for my current lid, though not to the grand or 1200 range. But I'll be looking a lot harder at getting a really good fit for my odd-shaped scone, and will also be looking for something with a spoiler on the back to stop it trying to lift off my head at speed.
  3. Check out Arais.

    *Dont forget you can probly ask for them to measure up your head and put in the right paddigs :)
  4. I think it would be good idea to try out a few more first unless you've tried most of them already...
  5. mmm, you could go into a particular store like i did.

    when i picked up a flip top and tried it on the sales guy said, yeah it doesn't mess your hair up as much as a full face ( and I'm a guy ).

    when he said that, i knew i was in a scooter shop. :grin: :LOL:
  6. Have a look here before you buy.
  7. HI Guys thanks for your feedback so far.

    This is helmet number 6 for me so its not exactly my first trip to the helmet shop.

    Your all dead right, different manufacturers helmets fit better on different peoples heads, there are even differences in fitting between models of the same manufacturer. When the choice is down to model A or B I will get them to get a fresh one out of the box because it will feel different again to one that has had countless heads in it.

    I have tried AGV, shoi, nolan and Bell but nothing fits me as well as well as my Current KBC. Which worries me, because many people regard KBC is an 'entry model' Helmet.

    So Im looking to 'step up'

    I tried the system V helmet on (flip front) but found them to be too spacious, with not enough support under the cheek bones leaving me worried that my head would move fwd in the helmet and rattle around in it in an accident.

    this helmet fitted well with plenty of support and no 'wriggle room' for my head at all.

    It also seems to be well constructed too being made from fibreglass carbon and aramide.

    wot th hell,I will buy it nd et you know what I think.



    I tried the system V helmet (flip open front) but