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Helmet upgrade Pt2 ..... I brought a BMW sportsintegral

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by oz_johnno, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Okies, Purchase made,

    Today I went and forked over the readies for my new helmet, A BMW sportsintegral.

    I just thought I would share some of my initial thoughts when Rode back to work with it on my head.

    Very Firm all over without any tight spots (I like it nice and tight), liner is nice quality. while it doesnt feel lighter when you pick it up, it definately feels lighter and less bulky when it is on your head.

    The tag says fiberglass, carbon & aramide (Kevlar). all good things to have :)

    The Helmet has a sturdy looking setbelt like clip instead of the D rings.

    Without a doubt this is is the quietest helmet I have ever owned, due in some part t the fact that the hole ya stick you bonce in is so small. This makes the method by which you put in on your head a little different too.

    You have to hold the straps apart and pull it on over the back of your head and roll it forward. This means that the helmet closes in under your chin and ears in a nice comfy fit.

    The sales guy told me that the noise rating of the helmet is 83Db......well I dont know about that but its quiet, so quiet that at speeds up to 100km/hr, the major noise you can hear is your own engine, bearly any road noise at all, especially with the visor all the way down

    Aerodynamics: Again only worn it up to 100km/hr but it doesnt lift. Im told by reviews online that it doesnt lift over 160.

    Freakin Brilliant. First helmet I have owned where I have had to close off the vent cause my head was getting cold (I have a hair cut like Vic's).

    In the front there is a Vent you can open redirects air up the inside of your visor, again not a new idea but again it works well.

    Youve probably guessed by now that I am pretty stoked with my purchase, the helmet might not have as many features as some but what is there works extremely well.

    My experience has been that the Germans have a bit of a 'belt AND braces to keep your pants up' approach to engineering which is comforting when buying something as important as a Helmet

    Im confident that if I ever need it, the helmet will keep my head in one piece :) Especially as at 43, Im not looking at trying to give mr Stoner a run for his money on the race track.


  2. 83db that's one quiet helmet!
  3. Like I said, its quiet. At 100km/hr the loudest thing I could hear was my own breathing, followed by the Engine, with wind a distant third, road noise was bugger all !!

    it was Freaky

  4. Quiet is subjective depending on your bike, screen size, if any etc.

    My sportintegral is quiet but I still need earplugs at freeway speeds.
    Yes it doesn't lift even at 200 kmh and super lightweight.
    Great helmet.
  5. sounds like a great lid.you have,however,failed to tell us how strong the helmet is in a crash.with this being the fundamental purpose of a helmet i was wondering if you would be so kind as to headbutt a light post at speed as the outcome may very well be the deciding factor for my next helmet purchase.
    ta. :wink:
  6. mmmm Not much to say other than 1) It meets australian standards so im tipping it would ok, it has no snell rating that I can see 2) My experience has been that germans dont make shit products and 3) I think youve had one too many 'university cigarettes'

  7. nuff said :wink:

    as long as wearing a german helmet doesnt affect your sense of humour...
  8. Our haircuts rawk.

    Thanks for the review.

    I too am looking at a sports integral.

    Just need to sell more number plate surrounds ;)
  9. Yeah Vic, Totally Rawk

    When ever im watching footy, I always yell at the TV 'go the bald guy', it dont matter which team he plays for either, us nude nuts should stick together.

    Im trying to get Melbgirl to go 'sans tres' but she wont be in it :(

    I will look at getting a number plate surround to help u out in your quest for a new helmet :)