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Helmet too tight?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RedWings01, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    I purchased a helmet yesterday, the agv k3 sv in ML size. The store assistant said that would be good fit. I wore it and it felt nice and tight with no pressure points whatsoever. Now the problem is that it feels like my ears are being ripped off when i take the helmet off. Putting it on is easy and wearing feels nice and comfortable. Also my head is 57.5cm and the website says ML fits 58cm.

    Is it too tight? Or do i just need to wait for it to break in since its new.

    Thanks, hope I didnt buy the wrong size.
  2. Grab the strap on either side and pull outwards as you push upwards, that should make a bit more space around your ears during removal
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  3. I think it just needs to be broken in if it felt / feels good on with no pain or pressure just give it a bit of time
    +1 with darrenwilliam79darrenwilliam79 also
  4. Right will def try that next time thanks for your help. :)
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    I don't like hemlet.

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  6. You can get different sized cheek pads for Shoei, maybe yours as well. I have bought a lot of helmets over the years. My first was to loose and since I always bought snug. My latest failed bigtime. I persevered for 6 months, bought looser cheek pads but in the end I went up a size, thats a $600 mistake.Good luck
  7. Mine feels as near to perfection as I could get when on.
    But near rips my ears off when both putting it on and taking it off.
    Takes maybe 45 seconds to get it off. It's a shoei gt air.
    I see people almost place the helmet on their head and it just about falls on with gravity.

    I'm also not sure if I should suck it up or pony up another $600
  8. has your head swollen up with the purchase of bike?
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  9. Seems you have the size about right so you may just need to 'break it in'. I find the inner padding becomes more comfortable after a few weeks use. You could try using a balaclava for a while, and do follow this advice:
    ... And on the topic of helmets: get into the habit of always checking the chin strap before riding off (distractions do occur - it happened to me).
  10. RedWings01RedWings01 I'm having this issue with my new helmet as well. It's a great fit when it's on and getting it on is no problem. But taking it off is a real pain in the ear. I've actually been heard to utter the words "I think I've broken my ear".

    It doesn't help that I'm putting it on, pulling it off several times a day. So I'm going to blame it on not giving my right ear a break and might have to just for a week or so to see if it helps. But I don't know if I can stand to not ride for that long. Actually I don't even know if my car will start, I haven't driven for that long.

    Hope it settles down for you. I know how much it hurts!
  11. To bad Mark Chopper Read ain't of this world no more i'm sure he could have arranged to have your ear probs sorted.:ROFLMAO:
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  12. I always had the tearing my ears off problem, so I bought big helmets and then there was a noise problem. But last time around I got a Nolan Classic N COM which has a movable face plate that swivels up to make it into an open face. I can open it when I'm sitting at the traffic lights cooking in sun and get some air on my face, and I can walk into petrol stations with the face open and they don't think it's a holdup, which is a big bonus. I got it on special for around $400 ish and I 'm very happy with it. The only down side is that it is really big, so I look like a Russian astronaut when I'm wearing it.
  13. Ive noticed that if i open and grip my hands through the visor, pull the helmet backwards and up as fast as i can. It hurts a tonn less. Try taking off the helmet as fast as you can while pulling your head in the opposite direction when pulling your helmet off.
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  14. In other words just rip the friggn thing off!
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  15. Yep pretty much. The shorter the time, the less ear squishing and that equals less pain. It sure helped me a lot.
  16. I will not use the word "wingnut"
    I will not use the word "wingnut"
    I will not use the word "wingnut"
    I will not use the word "wingnut"
    I will not use the word "wingnut"
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  17. I had this problem with my 1st helmet, it was awsome to put on and wear but soooo painful getting it off, I'd always have a dead ear for a bit (n)
    But after 3 months ish its no longer a problem, either i broke it in or i improved my tactics in taking it off.no idea which one it is as im a noob! :smug:
    But whichever it is im happy that episode in my life is over!
    Just give it some time :)
  18. Given it's a snug fit and comfortable when on, I'm sure it will loosen up. My old helmet really needed upgrading. It was getting so loose it was interfering with my head checks. I'd rather have a sore ear for a while and a much lighter helmet.
  19. A balaklava definitely helps streamline your head/ears when donning a lid :)
  20. If you can easily chew gum with your helmet on then it's not tight enough ;)