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Helmet too big?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Joleda, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I have been noticing that when it is particularly windy or when I am going particularly fast that my helmet wobbles around on my head a hell of a lot! it's very uncomfortable and sometimes painful as it smashes against my skull lol :confused:

    The helmet fits well around my cheeks and feels fine when it isn't windy or when I'm doing under 120 say for discussion's sake ;)

    It's an Arai helmet, so is it possibly the shape isn't aerodynamic enough? I asked my partner if it happens to him and he said no, so I thought I might ask the question here!

    I have tried a shoei xs and it squeezes my brain, the shark s is too big also. My Arai is a small, and used to squish my head until some of the padding wore in a little. My helmet is a year old.

  2. This could be caused by a couple of things.
    1. The pads are worn (and therefore smaller than they were) after a years use, some brands have replaceable pads in different sizes. You may be able to get larger pads that will fit the helmet you already have.
    If the helmet fitted you when it was new try removing and washing the pads to restore the original shape.

    2. The helmet is the wrong shape for your head. Most helmets do not fit all shapes of face/head. Some websites show this in their helmet reviews.

  3. Are you a conehead ? Seriously though different brands fit different head shapes, you might need to try a few different brands till you find one that's firm all over. How old is it as a matter of interest ?
  4. IMHO, 109er has it pegged.

    Pads could need replacing with same or different size, or the helmet is just the wrong shape for your head.

    Example - I used to run a Shark helmet, prior to that Arai when I was younger. But a few years ago Shark changed their shape. I can now no longer wear Shark helmets, and have settled on Shoei for the time being.
  5. You're getting old(er) Mac - OP states the helmet is a year old in the post. :p
  6. Sounds like the helmet isn't a good match for your head shape.
    If the cheek pads are a firm fit it should be right, but clearly something is amiss.
  7. You got that right womble, doddery old plick I am.
  8. I have heard your either a shoei or an arai head in the past. A new white helmet to match the bike would be good though I dont think oh will like spending another 600 lol
  9. Keep your eye on eBay. From time to time bargains happen. I like white helmets, however many don't. I picked up a brand new white Shoei XR1100 (still in box with all labels and tags) for $200, and the guy lived a couple of streets away from me. It doesn't happen often, but from time to time...
  10. try a headscarf? one of those buff things (or the cheap copies).
  11. When you move the helmet left and right, it should pull the skin on your forehead with it. If it doesn't they it's probably too big or not the right shape.

    My first helmet was a size XL. I thought it was the right size because the cheek pads was snug, but after about 6 months the pads soften up and it became too big. So I got an L for my 2nd helmet. The cheek pad was pretty tight and can get uncomfortable after about 1 hour, but it was snug every other places. Now after a bit of riding it has become super comfortable.
  12. Might have to secretly pull the ol credit card out then! Thanks all for letting me know its not normal!
  13. A proper fiting helmet shouldn't move while you are wiridng. When you try a helmet on in a shop it should be nice and snug, but not uncomfortably so (for example, you should be able to get your fingers between your cheek and the pad). The helmet should also feel snug all over your head, not tight in particular places and when you move it up and down it should move your skin/eyebrows. A helmet that feels perfectly comfortable in the shop will probably soon be too big once it breaks in.
  14. When trying on helmets, the advice I got was "getting it on or off should be pain", "If it slips on and off without much hassle, it will slip when you actually need it".

    Sounds like the helmet is too big then.
  15. Did you replace the helmet when you had your stack?

    Even if the shell looked un-damaged or only grazed the foam that cushioned your bowling ball weight head has been deformed and compressed, and probably why it feels a bit bigger, but more importantly it won't provide the cushioning it did the first time around in any subsequent impact.

  16. The Shark S was too big for me too. They make an XS did you know? My XS fits really well. Nobody had one in stock so they had to order it in for me. If you can't find an XS to try on, I know you're in Brissy, happy to meet for coffee somewhere so you can try mine on sometime.
  17. All helmets seem to get bigger as they get older. The foam and padding gets less flexible as they get older, so best to buy a bit tighter rather than a bit loose to allow for this expansion.
  18. Two things.

    1. It might be a combination of your bike and helmet - for example I had an AGV Xvent. It was truly magnificent, on my GSX600. But when I wear it on my Bandit, the bloody thing tried to pull my head off. - In short you have the wrong helmet.

    2. I seriously doubt the pads have been compressed sufficiently in one year to make a difference. In short you've got the wrong helmet.

    Solution, buy a helmet that fits your head properly. This means when you try one on, leave it on your head for around 10 minutes. If the person serving you has any idea they'll be able to help you determine if it fits properly.

    However, it is impossible to tell how noisy a helmet is or how much buffeting it will transmit until you ride with it. Although, as a clue, the more 'sticky out' bits there is on a helmet the more noisy it's likely to be, also, as a general rule cheap helmets are noisier then expensive ones. Although that's also not always true either.
  19. A year old? Is it a vector 2? If so the padding is all removable. You say the cheek pads are fine, try removing the skull lining - just fixed in with poppers, and maybe adding some thin foam (packaging for example) a couple of mm thick shaped to the skull cap and refit. May just make it a little snugger? ........... or do another 600 ;)
  20. Yep - have heard that if you get 5mm polyurethane sheeting from say, Clarke Rubber, you can cut to shape and insert under the skull lining. After a while it firms up and sticks to the shape (or you glue it in) and hey presto, you have a snug fitting helmet at no extra cost.