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Helmet tightness

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Danhendo888, May 10, 2014.

  1. i just had my first ride since getting my Ls today and had some questions about the helmet..

    so i have a medium sized helmet and my head is relatively small.
    but when i take it off, i need to use force to widen it as much as possible so as not to rip my ears off..
    and also my hair becomes so flattened its ridiculous.

    how tight is the helmet meant to be? and particularly do you also find yourself frowning alot when taking the helmet off?

    cheers guys
  2. your hair becomes flattened??
  3. Ahahaha, oh noes! Not flat hair!!!
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  4. helmet should be tight enough not to be loose when you shake your head around, but not tight enough to cause pain from pressure points.
    if your head doesn't hurt after an hour, the helmet is unlikely to be too tight :p

    oh, you want the helmet to be hard to come off in an accident... that's kind of the point.

    if worried about your hair, get it cut :) short hair doesn't get flattened
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  5. Have a look at any helmet your looking at buying,check out there website.Shoie have a chart with circumference dimensions.My head is right on the border of 2 sizes,had to replace a helmet after 6 months when it became unbearably to tight.Expensive mistake.BTW some have different sized cheek pads that allow some wiggle room.The comfort levels have dropped lately,unless your spending megabucks,over a grand is crazy to me.
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  6. You need less hair and smaller ears, the helmet is fine.
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  7. Number one buzz cut for me these days does wonders for helmet hair... lol
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  8. Helmet should be firm, usually they are a bit tight to begin with, then they loosen up a bit, you don't want it too loose, if it is uncomfortable, get another, plenty around to choose from, I like the flip ups and full face, open helmets sting your eyes after 80kmph.
    See: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/downloads/safer_motorcycle_helmets.pdf
    I got the RJays SP2, my head is 60cm so I got the large size (60cm) according to the website chart and it fitted perfectly.
  9. Helmets are supposed to be snug. You're supposed to pull the straps apart to get them on and off. Helmets don't give a shit about your hair and how they make you look after a ride.
  10. My hair is short, and I end up with pin curls. 20's flapper girls would be so jealous....
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  11. Unless you are bald, helmet hair is just a part of motorcycling. Flat is good. Mine ends up sticking up all over the place.
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  12. I'm mostly bald, I get my hair cut to a No2. If any more than two weeks since my last hair cut, and I get Helmet (Flat) hair too. But helmet hair is good, it shows you've been out riding and not just showing off a bike.
  13. Less cool haircut -1 cool point.

    Riding a motorcycle + 10000000 cool points.

    You're winning, trust me.
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  14. Unless you are in pain while the helmet is on your head, it's fine.
  15. When I first bought my helmet, I tried to get it in a Small, but the salesman and the friend I took with me both said I should feel it putting pressure on my cheeks, not pain but definite pressure. And that after some wear that would go away and it would then fit perfectly.

    If it was just me buying it alone I would have bought the S and thought it fitted properly. My friend thought the S was too big for me, the sales guy agreed, so they ordered me in an XS. And yes, it put lots of pressure on my cheeks, I hated it. But it never caused me pain, just knew it was very close fitting and was conscious of it the whole time.

    That was what, 4 months ago, almost 5. It's now 3,000km later and it fits me perfectly, I'm glad I put up with the initial discomfort.

    And yes, I frown when I take it off, as I have a few piercings and need to be -very- careful how I remove it so I don't snag a scaffold or a facial piercing on it :)
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  16. I have bought many helmets over the years and SNUG was the order of the day.But as I said in an earlier post I really badly Fed up with my latest helmet.Bearable for a hour,agony after 3 or 4hrs on a big day.I put up with it,changed cheek pads,ect ect for 3 months but I ended up buying another exactly the same helmet one size bigger,$600 mistake. Do the head measure and refer to there website to check the size,easy to do.Wish I had done that first.I was borderline between 2 sizes.
  17. Unfortunately there is more to it than size. Helmets are not all shaped the same and not are heads, so some people fit better into one brand of helmet than another. Wear it for a while in the shop before making your decision. When you find one that is comfortable try the next size down to make sure you absolutely can't use that. Remember the padding will give a bit over time.

    Competent salespersons should be able to provide decent advice but unfortunately there are lots of incompetent ones out there.
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  18. No matter how much I care I will always eventually walk away from people who refuse to believe me when I tell them the correct fitting helmet is a M and not the XL that "goes on so comfortably".
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