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Featured Helmet theft at Melbourne Airport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by johnbl, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. So landed back in Melbourne around midnight last night after a weekend away. Returned to my bike which had been parked in the motorbike section only to find some a$$hole had stolen my helmet. I'd locked it to the under-seat helmet hook, looks like they yanked or ripped the strap off to take the helmet. Completely useless to them as the D-hooks were still locked to the bike.

    Called the police who took details but couldn't do much about it, obviously I couldn't ride home with no helmet either so had a long journey home. Just wondering if anyone familiar with the airport knows if there are any security cameras around that area (I couldn't see any), and also if the carpark/airport is liable for theft like this (considering the expensive parking fees they charge)?

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  2. Shit man. That's the last thing anybody would want to see after a flight. Hope it gets sorted. It's a big fear of mine when I leave my helmet strapped to my bike. Anyone could tear it off.
    Good luck to you
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  3. So sorry to hear of this theft and the huge hassle of having to get home.
    If the ridiculously high airport parking fees do not cover security, and theft then what do they cover? I would like to think that you would be able to claim loss and damages. You could almost guarantee that there is a disclaimer on your parking ticket that says park at your own risk.
    I really hope that you can get some kind of compensation, but fear that you have been robbed twice. Firstly by the Airport. Those parking fees are daylight robbery, then by the A-Hole who took your helmet.
    If only there was a train to the airport we could start an airport parking boycott.
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  4. I'd say that the parking lot has a 'park at your own risk' policy, & 'not responsible/liable for any damages, theft etc..'

    Most parking lots do. Even if there was security vision, It could be recorded over by now & no fat security guard is gonna sit & troll through hours of footage to check.

    I think you're outta luck bud. Nobody at the airport/parking will give a crap.
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  5. Sorry to hear that. But as the others have said - what's the point of paid parking if they don't cover it.

    One of those things that we've to take with a pinch of salt.

    On a more serious note, what sort of a low-life scum would go around doing these thefts.? I hope Karma gets them soon enough. F**** Retards!!
  6. There's always people who'll mess with stuff just for shits and giggles. One of the reasons topboxes are nice to have :).

    Does anyone know if security etc. would let one take a helmet as carry-on? Would have its downsides, certainly, but it's nice to know what options are out there.
  7. Should be able to carry the helmet through security in the same way as standard luggage. Just use a helmet cover and store it with the cabin luggage.
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  8. Yep no issues. I got some funny looks when taking my flight helmet on because of the comms, but once they realise what it is, it's all good.

    Using a bike lock through the chin bar prevents a knife attack working. But then they can still just kick the crap out of your helmet and bike if they wanted to be assholes.
  9. Just tell them it's just in case there is an emergency. Most people survive the crash in a air crash then die of smoke and fire because they are unconscious etc. Safety first
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  10. Is that so?
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  11. Sorry to hear, some ba$tards will steal anything...I've had a helmet pinched off my bike whilst I was paying for fuel at a servo and a bloddy steering wheel of my car stolen from outside my house when I went into the shed to get some tools...I was fixing something and the wheel was on the drivers seat.
  12. Wow! Do you have cars on bricks where you are? Not that I can judge. Around the corner from where I live there was a terrorist raid. I've caught 3 14-16yo kids smoking a bong in broad daylight in the playground just behind my house. And just recently a man was shot outside of his home a few blocks from me. I love Altona Meadows
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  13. It's got me out of additional luggage fees before.. Airline employees don't want to discuss crashing.
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  14. When I first got my license I was warned heavily against leaving my helmet on the helmet lock for any length of time.
    You're much better off using a bicycle lock through the chin guard.
    Apparently you can order replacement straps for helmets(I never checked this out), so the opportunistic thief can cut the old strap off, go get a new one put on and flog it off to an unsuspecting idiot.

    I still leave mine on the helmet lock when I'm paying for fuel or just popping into maccas, but if I'm going to be away for more than 5 minutes, I use the bicycle lock, more hassle but worth the peace of mind.
  15. probably hear of a bike being stolen at the time your helmet was taken.
  16. Thanks. I figured it'd be cool, but it's good to have confirmation from first-hand experience :).
  17. Haha I can't imagine why?
  18. Bloody hell!! Thieving bastid! :devil:
    I had got into the habit of putting the lid on the pillion peg whilst paying for petrol, because I used to become all thumbs when paying and likely made the operator's finger twitch and hover near the panic button! Never could work out where to put the bloody thing whilst digging out my purse...
    I may rethink leaving it on the bike now :(
    What's the world coming to...sigh..gettin old
  19. I had my car broken in to at the long term car park a couple of months ago. As I got off the bus I could see glass on the ground nearby and thought "some poor bastard got done", then as I walked up to mine a couple of minutes later I saw mineit as well. When I called the AFP they seemed to indicate there had been a bunch of them recently. Pricks.

    Took my helmet on Qantas as carry on two weeks ago. No issues.