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Helmet that doesn't want to lengthen my neck?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bravus, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. I currently have a KBC helmet that I paid about $350 or so for from memory. It does the job and is comfortable, and given my enormous bonce (size XXL) it was the best I could find under a grand at the time.

    The one real problem I have with it is that at anything over about 100 km it decides it wants to rise into the sky, taking my head with it.

    I'm a science guy, I even understand that it's Bernoulli's Principle and the fast flowing air over the curved top is causing a low pressure zone on top of the helmet that the air pressure below tries to push it up into.

    But that doesn't make it any more comfortable, and given the (unkown but possible at this stage) chance that I might have a new job soon with a 40 min freeway commute each way...

    Is there a make of helmet that doesn't do this?
  2. yep, arai rx7 corsair.
    never had that problem,even at some pretty high speeds. :wink:
  3. My Shark RSX is fine... Likewise my BMW SportIntegral doesn't demonstrate any noticable lift.

    The common theme: All three helmets suggested so far have spoiler lips. :)
  4. Ahh, so that's the secret to foiling crafty old Dan Bernoulli. ;)
  5. I don't get the "Bernoulli" issue with my KBC VR2 or Nolan N102. Have you bent your thoughts to a different screen, a touring one perhaps?
  6. Mate, you'll notice the B1250 has a slot in the base of the screen to limit this effect. Personally the jury is out on that but I think its a little better than on the RF900R.
    I cant see how any helmet will help if the problem is a low pressure issue behind the screen.
    You may be better off trying a different screen than a new lid if you're happy with the one you have.

    I have used my HJC Session on both my recent bikes.
  7. I got the issue on the GSXF (fully faired) and the Spada (fully naked) as well as on the Bandit (bikini faired), so I'm fairly sure it's the lid. A spoiler to break up the laminar flow (?) and even provide a little downforce makes sense... and by the time I start the new job, if I do, mid-2009 the old helmet will be 3 years old anyway, so...
  8. But if I do end up doing the big ride I may well look into a bigger/better screen too.
  9. This has all the makings of an argument to Mrs Bravus :p
  10. I have a similar helmet as you (I think), but I don't have that issue with it, despite mine also being an XXL...

    Some KBC thing with the "Gunslinger" artwork (no idea of the model, but maybe that narrows it down)


    And on an unrelated note. Bravus is my forum username on pretty much everywhere else on the Intertubes. Damn you and your crafty registering well before I joined...
  11. Ah, so *you're* the b'stard bringing my good nickname into disrepute all over the place :p Nah, just kidding - cool to find another one. How'd you come up with it? Presumably not via Warhammer's Inquisitor Lucretia Bravus, the other common one that comes up.
  12. I used to get that on my first helmet - a Razor?? That one didn't have any top vents and lifted horribly. Since then I've bought helmets with single or double upper vents, and they make a huge difference - double being better. I haven't tried one with a spoiler.
    On the back of Raven's bike, I felt mine lifting, but that was only the once when I didn't realise he was going to bag it, so I hadn't dipped my head down in preparation of the pull; which meant I could no longer hold my head forwards, causing the air to enter more easily under the chin :shock: . Probably not something you'll have to worry about, Bravus!
  13. Nope, not from there. It was just a cool sounding name. You ruined THAT one for me though, fat head :p Mind you, I can't speak, being a fat head myself.
  14. Even the most povo Nolan helmets have spoiling devices built in.
    They fit larger heads really well too, I have a very square head (XL), and it's one of the very few brands that'll fit comfortably.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Shark RSi. Most comfortable helmet you'll ever put on your noggin, bar none.
  16. Just wrapping this one up from 4 years ago. ;)

    Moved to the Gold Coast, been doing the M1 pretty often, so my beloved took me to buy a new helmet today.

    Tried on a heap of things, and it's clear that sizes mean absolutely nothing: some XXLs wouldn't even go onto my head, some XLs wobbled around on me.

    Tried on an RXT Shotgun in an XL at the Motorcycle Accessories shop, where we also got really excellent service. Wandered up and down Lawrence Drive, Nerang, which is a complete bikeshop Mecca, and tried on lids in a few places. In some we were ignored, in others given fairly perfunctory service. The Yamaha shop down the end was pretty good, service wise - actually very good - but the only thing in there that would fit me was a Shoei.

    Would have liked it, but it was 3 times the price of the RXT, plus the first guy was very excellent, so we went back there. Got a jacket and gloves for my daughter (as pillion, but a CB400 is in the fairly near future for her and my wife) while we were there.

    Beautiful day, so we went out for a test ride of our new gear: and the new lid totally fixes the wind problem as speed. Why the hell did I wait 4 years when it was under $200?!

    Anyway, fixed. :D
  17. Closure is good!