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Helmet Suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Husslez, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Goodmorning guys.

    Went into MCA Auburn yesterday and they had a very good sale on some helmets.

    Arai rxq was going for about $620 and i really want a helmet that looks and feels good. Mind you i have had my ls and been riding about 2 months now, i have a cheap rjays helmet but i really never thought of it back than.

    Also agv k3 sv are about $290.

    My question is should i spend the $600 plus on a helmet right now or what. And other helmet suggestions would be nice. I am a XS or small not so sure. With a intermediate oval head shape.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Different helmets fit differently on different heads.

    Measure the head first and then Go for the fit. wear it around the shop for a bit and then take it from there.

    If you wear glasses or plan to wear sunnies, take them with you.

    Plus, there are about a 100 posts on helmet suggestions and ideas here so have a look through those as well.

    All the best.

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  3. HusslezHusslez sales are exciting but keep this in mind: a cheap lid that fits your head properly is much safer than an expensive helmet that doesn't.

    Whenever purchasing gear I always say to myself that the price of it will be the last thing on my mind when I'm sliding down the road. If you can afford a $620 lid, then that's a great buy but only if it fits you properly. If it doesn't fit you, it's a waste of money
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  4. Get the one that fits best and meets the legal requirements/Aussie standards.
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  5. Thanks guys i have had a look on many threads about helmets on this site.

    I wore the rxq for about 10 minutes yesterday and it felt awesome. To be honest all the helmets i tried yesterday felt much more better than the current one i own. I tried XS in the ARAI and they felt very nice and tight, which is what i want the helmet i have now seems to have gotten loose as i am guessing i have worn it in.

    I have always loved the ARAI graphics also.
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  6. That's good if Arai has a nice fit. If you measure your head, does it match the XS size?

    Get the dealer to measure as well.

    It it's a good fit and you like the graphics, then I say go for it.

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  7. Helmets of xs size and 2xxl are very often sold at extremely competitive prices, because they tend to be left on the shelf with online and warehouse retailers. I was just looking at Schuberth C3 and Shoei Neotec and those sizes are available for less than half RRP in those sizes. unfortunately I do have a more common size and have to pay the full price :meh:
  8. Neotec is a great helmet, a mate of mine had one and it was a bloody staunch helmet. Little heavy though, but you get that with modular helmets. I prefer the shark evoline design as you can have the visor down with the chin bar up, I think this is unique on modular helmets I haven't found another one that will do that. My head doesn't fit in shark helmets too well though...
  9. I tried the Shark Evoline, but I can't get my prescription sunglasses on with one of those!
  10. It's a superior design imo, and it doesn't look too bad flipped back. But the build quality is lacking - I've had a few bits of plastic snap off mine. Not critical stuff, just hinge covers etc. It's starting to look pretty trashy now. I don't wear it much cause it's not quite the right shape for my head. Always handy to have a spare helmet tho...
  11. yes you are right, in the end you get what you pay for. In my experience both Schuberth and Shoei make top quality helmets and you pay dearly for it. A helmet has to work well in two ways, when you wear it and when you crash with it. I used to have an older model Shoei Multitec, which saved my head in a crash. It is badly damaged but an accident investigator looked at it and told me my head would have looked like a watermelon after a shotgun blast without it. That is why I don't mind paying the extra dollars.
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  12. I guess this small head off mine is useful after all. Went in just before tried the AGV K5 only reason im leaning towards the k3 and k5 because of the sunvisor. And im still a learner, thinking 600plus is a bit dear at the moment. Still very undecided.

    Will check out the SHARK when i go in next most likely tomorow. I have not seen Schuberth yet. Just online and i know youtuber Royal Jordanian approves of them.
  13. Mate head injuries cost just as much for learners as they do for full timers. If it fits you properly, any price is a good price to protect your noggin
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  14. I have an ARAI RX-Q, in a XS size but mine was $800 - not $600...
    I loved the looks and styles of the SHOEI GT Air and the Multi-Tec but unfortunately I have a head like a toffee apple on a stick :)
    The ARAI helmets fit me perfectly. Just a bugger to change out visors but REVZILLA has a great video tutorial and now I can do it easily.
    If you have a round head as opposed to Egg shaped, Kuboto are good for fit as well.
  15. So Mudfrog, you rate the rxq worth every penny or if spending upwards of thst price do you suggest something else tohave a look at. Yeah small head can't complain ☺
  16. It doesn't matter what price you get it for, it's worthless to you if it doesn't fit properly...
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  17. For me, the RX-Q fits extremely well, it is super quiet with almost zero wind noise.
    ARAI are a top quality helmet, and with the more exxy helmets like ARAI, and SHOEI (look at any motorcycle race to see what majority are wearing) they have many great design features. I am not an expert by any means and I am not a brand advocate for the sake of it. To me, I saw the quality of build and design, fit and finish. I liked it - simple. Would I buy ARAI again - yes even despite the fiddly bloody visors.
    As I said earlier - I loved SHOEI too but they rotate forward on my head. KABUTO, made in Japan, half the price of ARAI and great quality as well. I have friends at work that swear by SHARK helmets too. It is an individual thing and to a large extent for a lot of people, cost is a major factor. Good luck choosing a new lid, but I reckon that's half the fun :)
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  18. I've got a kabuto lid that's copped an absolute flogging. Good workhorse helmet for reasonable price...
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  19. Both you fellas sre giving me great tips. Was planning to go in today after work. Came home nice letter waiting for me from SDRO. Ran a red light camera 3 points $425 fine.

    I think i have passed 13 points and im guessing my licence will be suspended.

    Putting buying a helmet on hold for this week on hold have to see what is happening.

    I am not happy by any means.
  20. Hello gents, i went in this afternoon and decided to buy the AGV K3 SV in Missano. That's the 2011 year when rossi wore it.

    The fit was great ended up getting a Small as the XS was just way too tight and the S just fit right i rode around for avout 2 hours just got home, and i xant say nothing but good things about it. Don't forget i had a $100 rjays helmet ao this is a big improvement.

    Guys at MCA were awesome blokes as i tried on a few sizes and different brands was there for like over an hour.
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