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Helmet suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BabyBlade, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,
    thought maybe some of you could help me with some suggestions for a new helmet.
    I have seen a couple of threads regarding this and so far in mind I have the shark vision r and bell rs1 that I want to try on.
    at the moment I have the shark s900 and it is a poor fit (my first helmet). the windnoise is dreadfull, even wearing earplugs.
    I went threw so many different brands and types of earplugs even a $200 xcreen screen spoiler but still nothing. just this sound that drives me nuts. finally figured that due to it being a bad fit, theres a decent gap on each side under my ear so wind flows right up past and around my ears inside the helmet. helmet also a bit loose despite me being spot on on the size small size chart. so time 4 a new helmet I think.
    can anyone suggest helmets that they have had luck with? there certaintly a lot of options. wanting to go to mca tomorrow to try some different helmets on to find something that fits nice. looking to spend anywhere from like $400 to $700 maybe more if its worth it.
    riding position is upright, maybe slightly forward if it matters
    looking forward to hearing any suggestions on potential helmets worth owning

  2. Apparently the Shoei GT air is pretty quiet. I've got an Arai vector 2 and while it has lots of airflow isn't too noisy. I wear shure se215 universal in ear monitors which act as good sound protection while give me good sound without breaking the bank.
  3. I use an RXT Metro, it's very snug and comfy but it's an open face with a detachable and ratcheted curved visor, it's not quiet, but with the earplugs that I use I can use it with the visor up and not even know. Perhaps you have not tried any decent earplugs. These are the ones I use they are washable silicone and they are like riding in the cone of silence when inserted properly, ie pull your ear up and poke them in. You can still hear enough to be safe although it's a little strange at first. A drop of water on them when installing them and they slide right in. The cord makes them easy to deal with.
  4. Somewhere there is a website that gives you the test results of all helmets (ie drop test, noise levels etc) - lost the link. Maybe google?
  5. Get the one that fits your noggin best. Brand is immaterial really.
    The better quality units do tend to cost more but last longer and feel nicer.
    I use earplugs with any helmet. I tried and wasted money on various brands of earplugs but find the disposable green/yellow ones very effective ... and cheap :)
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    There is no such thing as a quiet helmet. However one which fits is a good place to start.

    A comfortable helmet is safer than a 'safe' helmet that causes pain/fatigue/distraction.

    Just sayin'
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  7. Bitsar to the rescue!
  8. thanks for the info guys. don't get me wrong, the wind isn't really an issue for me, its a bike and obviously theres gonna be a lot of it riding at speed. I guess its just the fitment cause the wind is deffinatly getting into the helmet from under my ears where the gaps are. and believe me, its complete bullsh*t and will drive you insane, this isn't normal wind noise this is full on ear ****.
  9. I think ill be trying on the gt air but that is one expensive helmet o_O
  10. Also try other Shoei helmets as well... I'm on second TZX and probably it will be my third as well...

    Love Shoei...
  11. I agree with the TZ-X being a cheaper alternative if the GT-Air fits you.

    I wear an AGV GP-Tech and it's possibly about as quiet as wearing an ice cream bucket (but it's oh so comfy and looks tits). With a set of custom ear plugs it's perfectly fine on long rides.

    Also, I added a cheap chin curtain to my helmet and it made a huge difference to the wind buffeting noise. Once you find a helmet that fits properly to your head, then start worrying about adding stuff to block to wind. The GT-Air won't need that as it's super firm around the neck.
  12. The TZX comes with a chin curtain so no need to buy it separately
  13. So went the the moto shop, was devastated to find that the gt air was a poor fit for my head. Tried heaps on. Went with the Arai rxq cause it fit like a glove. Seals under my ears so no more revolting wind sound. But still not as quite as I was hoping for $850. Tempted to rip my fairings off cause when I stand up I get no wind noise at all. Helmet is great quality and super comfy and overall very happy. Thanks for the tips everyone
  14. Look for it on sale
  15. You're never going to completely get rid of wind noise, no matter how much you pay for a helmet. The Arai RX-Q seems to be a great helmet for street riding, according the reviews and opinions of people I know who own one. You'll find a lot of people have "quiet" helmets but still use ear plugs to ensure that their brain is switched onto the road and not trying to push back the cacophony blasting in their ears.
  16. Mate they had the gt air in a certain graphic, maybe on old model for $500 or$599 but it didnt feep right so i got the arai wich fits like a glove
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  17. Noise isn't really an issue just anoiying when you know what's causing it like with my shark helmet i would sit normally and get heapa of windy buffeting sound then i could straigten my back wich lifts my head up and inch or 2 then I would get 70% less noise
  18. I know it's a bit late but I have a Shark Vision R (S2 I think, only a few months old) it fits well but the wind noise is shocking for me. Even at 40klm it's unbearable distracting. I have to wear ear plugs constantly.
  19. When the helmet is on is there a big gap between your chin/neck and the padding on both sides directly under your ear?? That was the main problem with my shark
  20. Hi I know u would have another helmet by now but if u still have issues the HJC CL-17 was rated at the top on one site I checked retail between $219.00 - $290.00