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Helmet suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wideone3, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Okay so I'm looking at getting a new helmet that has some better wind protection and comfort than my current one. on long rides it gives me some pain near the upper sides of my head. I'm also looking to get one that has the inbuilt tinted visor on the inside. Everyone has recommended I check out shoei and I really like their Matte black and white helmet (forgot name) going for about 700. Anyone have any other suggestions?

  2. You probably mean the GT-Air, which is what I have. It has a sun visor you extend down using a little slide on the side. It also comes with a PinLock, which does a good job of stopping it from fogging up. I have also been the crash-test dummy while wearing this helmet, and I'm still here (although some would say a little 'frontal' ;) ) so I can vouch for the impact protection.
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  3. Yep sounds like the Shoei GT-Air, I have it as well. Great helmet, I love it, would definitely recommend it.
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  4. Yeah thats what I've been looking at. Just tried on the gt-air exposure and it fit well. Tried on a few sharks and it felt like only my cheeks had any padding covering them. They felt empty where the shoei felt snug. How much did you guys get yours for? They were nearly $900 at my local dealer. Looking online and they're around $750 but I'll have a better look tonight.
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  5. I didn't like Shark much either, my friends swore by them, saying they were great for $500 or so but I didn't think it was as nice and could afford the Shoei so I thought it was worth it. Can't put a price on your head!

    It was $900 retail for me, but seeing as I was buying a lot of other stuff at the same time (pants, boots, gloves, jacket and a 2015 Honda CBR500RA) they knocked off a bit, Helmet cost me $700 in the end.
  6. Yeah something just didn't feel quite right with the shark. But each to their own, too many different head sizes. I think I'll see whether it's a worthwhile investment. Got the Jindabyne trip soon and I guess if my helmet (kabuko) gives me too much grief then I might change. The kabuto is a great helmet it's just somehow changed over time to now, no longer fit my melon of a head
  7. I have the GT Air as well and really enjoy it, especially the visor as I hate sunnies under the lid. I got 2 (one for PSYKCPSYKC as well) for $499 each but that was just lucky as a bikestore in Brissie had advertised them on eBay at the wrong price and happily stuck to it. So I tried for size at a local store, but at $899 there it wasn't even close so bough the sizes tried online. I would recommend you do the same as some of the online prices are much better - or at least it gives you negotiating tactic in the store to see if they can match or get close at least.
  8. Which Shark models have you tried on? I have had a couple of Sharks now. The Vision R fit my bonce well and gave great vision as it's name suggests. It also worked well in the ultimate test. I now have a Skwal which is a tad noisier but I reckon the lights make up for it especially when filtering through crappy Melbourne drizzle. The Skwal also has a pinlock visor if that's important to you. My Skwal came from Blighty back in May when the dollar was still relatively OK. Also buy a spare visor if you are going for an OS purchase. They're usually cheaper and it doesn't add to the shipping cost.
  9. How old is it? (I guess how much use did it get would be more relevant)

    I want to try kabuto next time I'm in Sydney. Just going from reviews they sound like a great helmet at a reasonable price.
  10. Uhh almost a year old. It's not that I don't like the helmet as I never really had any problems until recently when I started going out on longer rides and realised it was giving me a headache from a noticeable spot near the top of my head.
    They are a great brand but I feel like the shoei is pretty much the next step up in quality (but ofc price goes up too). I tried on a friend's shoei air and one thing I noticed was less noise. But try some on. The only thing holding me back is the price of the shoei.
  11. I find my Shark Vision-R S2 helmet to be pretty good for my rough melon. I know what you mean though about the cheeks, it does tend to push in tightly there more than anywhere else. I find there is a smallish gap around the ear area but my Sena speakers fit there perfectly and the top of me 'ead is firmly padded in.
  12. Yeah. I might have to try some different shark ones, my local dealer doesn't have the best selection but I do like the matte colour scheme with either the shark or shoei and it would definitely be black and white but that's all just little bonuses with the helmet.
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  13. Is there any reason to not get a lid with a flip down sun shade visor?
  14. Love shark. Have 1. openline which is a flip front, only problem is a bit heavy but very comfortable and pretty quiet.
    2. Evoline can be open face or full as front flips to the back. Good on a hot day in traffic. Push together catch much better than d rings
    3. Speed r which is full face non flip but light quiet and comfortable. Designed for naked bikes so aerodynamic. All have sunshade speed comes with pin lock and I bought for $350 on special
    All have tight cheeks at first but then they mound to your face. All helmets are supposed to feel a bit tight to start with.
  15. I don't mind not having the sun shade visor i think it would just be handy as i never wear sunnies and my current helmet has a tinted visor. Supposedly you can be booked for that so id rather have a backup. Its more the fact the sun visor would be a nifty extra to have.
  16. I have a cheapie Aus 5 ticks helmet, but it's tight around my ears, and noisy.
    The Shark Evoline 3 has good safety ratings and reviews so it'll probably be my next lid.
    It's rated as noisier than other helmets, but I wear ear plugs anyway.
  17. I had a Shark Vision R (older model) and I loved it and the sunshade visor. When upgrading I was gutted that the Shoei GT Air didn't fit my noggin so I tried every helmet that had a sunshade that I could get my hands on.......none fit as well as I liked or were comfortable enough. And then I tried on the Arai Defiant........needless to say the sunshade can go and feck itself. The most comfortable helmet I tried on by a mile. I actually don't miss the sunshade at all and prefer a tinted visor now. If I know Ill be out after dark or unsure I take my clear one with me, which is not a problem as I usually take a small bag on most longish rides anyway.
    As for getting booked, dont worry about that here in NSW. Ive been pulled over and spoken too and breathalysed a number of time and not once was the visor mentioned. Hell the cops have tinted ones themselves but this topic is a whole different thread we dont want to re-open.
  18. Looking at getting a new lid myself and really fancy a Shark Helmet [full face], love all the designs. Can't decide which I like best. Love the idea of LEDs in the Skwal for night rides as well. Anyone else here owned/own a Shark Helmet? What one you got? What do you like/not like about it?
  19. IMHO you can't go past the vision R. See earlier comments.
  20. Yeah, love the field of vision for the vision R. Thought other users maybe able to comment on other models. That said the vision R does seem the best way to go.

    Cheers, Zenn