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Helmet Strap Stud Thingy

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Liking my new RXT helmet, though it does feel a bit cheaply constructed, with the lining moving around inside when I take it off. *Far* better at freeway speeds than the old one, though.

    One small niggle: that snap clip, on the end of the strap. The 'press stud' kind of thing.

    It's plastic, and large and fat, and the rings for buckling the helmet are fairly thin, which makes it just a little more hassle than it should be to thread it through, each time.

    I never use the clip anyway: if I'm carrying the lid by the strap, I buckle the strap because I like it short.

    What I *want* to do is smash the big stupid plastic clip on the end of the strap with a hammer until it breaks into small enough pieces to fall out, and just have no clip.

    I can't see how that could possibly cause any safety issues. If the strap looks like it might fray in the hole I can melt the edges with a lighter.

    Anyone else see any fatal flaw in the plan?
  2. My plastic clip thingo kept falling out shortly after getting the helmet so I removed it. I'm not sure what it was actually for so I haven't missed it.

    Edit: Oh so it's for carrying the helmet.
  3. No its actually to keep the "tail" (for want of a better word) of the strap from flapping about in the breeze at high (umm I mean legal) speeds.

    If that's not a concern then sure ditch it.
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    It is there for that exact purpose.
    My new Shark has a neater system: a plastic device like a belt loop through which you slide the loose end of the strap. Neato

  5. Yeah, there's not enough left over after my beefy neck to flap about: shirt collars can be more of an issue.

    Thanks all.

    Will leave it until tomorrow before doing anything, just in case someone comes by and says "NO, THAT'S THE SELF-DESTRUCT!!1!!"

  6. Oh... That makes me feel a bit silly...
    Any left over strap when I put mine on is tucked into the helmet beside my cheek. Therefore it can't flap around anyway.
  7. Wrap up: very simple surgery: couple of seconds with a hammer on a paver.

    Just to finish the job I also cut off the little vinyl tab holding the other half of the clip.

    Buckling - which I'll be doing many, many times - is now much simpler.
  8. Really? Why does it not prevent mine from flapping around like crazy? Scared the shit out of me the first time when I had that plastic clip bang against my helmet (so loud and unexpected!). Now I always tuck it into the top of my jacket.
    To me it's only in my way, because it makes it more fiddly to feed the strap through the holes. So far I've been to lazy to remove it though.
  9. That retaining device, be it a press-stud or keeper-loop, also keeps the tail of the strap pointed back towards the helmet.
    This actually prevents the double-d buckle from loosening, believe it or not.

    I wouldn't recommend removing, or not using it...
  10. Half-second job to tug it tight, though... And with the best will in the world, I was never going to clip it on every single ride.