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Helmet strap irritation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bex84, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Hey does anyone else get an irritation from their helmet strap???

    I mainly get it if i have shaved within a day of going out for a ride but i can still get it when i havnt shaved just not as bad.
    It's starting to piss me off cause it will flare up just like a bad shaving rash and be pretty annoying/painfull and can stay there for up to 2-3 days, which means no riding for those days cause its painfull enough without the strap rubbing on it... :(

    I think i just have crap sensitive skin but if anyone knows of a way to help it would be nice to here from you.

    Thanks :)

  2. put some cream on and HTFU. :wink:
  3. what will you do when you have to shave more than once a fortnight ?.
  4. You should be able to buy an open-faced balaclava from any outdoor shop. It's a bugger in summer, but an attractive proposition in winter.

    Otherwise you could try taping some felt to your helmet strap. If you're happy with the feel you can re-enforce it with glue, but not stitching.
  5. now i laugh... i laugh a lot.. that picture is gold.. im still chuckling..thanks.. no really thanks..
  6. get a 'Buff'

    head/neck/whatever tube.

    you can find them at most hiking stores.
  7. sorry thought you meant another sort of buff..
  8. You just need to wear your helmet as much as possible; like to bed and stuff.
    So you build up a callous.
  9. or remove the strap and have bonnet pins fitted to the top of your head.. you could fit streamers to them also..
  10. Try some vaso or a leather softener on the strap
  11. Ktulu - he said vasso.. off ya go.
  12. You could try fitting one of those soft furry covers ( like they use on seat belts ) Either that or just ...


  13. I get crazy irritation some days as well, but I've always had problems with shaving rash. After I shave, I always use Ingrow-go to prevent ingrown hairs which is what gives you shaving rash. It works pretty well for me, even with a helmet strap.

    Try stuff that helps prevent shaving rash, as all the strap is doing is making it easier for you to get it.
  14. i do know where you're coming from as i have baby skin under the chin also. my helmet has a soft pad though and has never been an issue..need to be soft for them ladies.
  15. i found this when i started riding too, and it was actually the collar of my jacket, not my helmet strap. i just left the collar open a bit and it stopped happening. either that or i HTFU at the same time... u will probably get used to it

  16. how do you get a rash on a shell ?.. fark eh.. thats a new one.
  17. Try shaving in the evening rather than in the morning. You look a bit scruffier, but it means your skin has had a chance to recover by the time you put your helmet on and ride to work.
  18. Thanks for the replies guys, ive tried HTFU and it works to an extent lol....

    I only shave every 2-3 days at night after a shower, but my skin sucks ass and has to be sensitive and shit... hahaha. I dont have to shave everyday and im glad i dont as i would be in agony