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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by billa911, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys..

    I am new to netrider. I recently bought a helmet and its straps are kinda short to go around the Double D rings. It was my mistake that I didnt check that while buying but is there any way or any extenders I can get to fix my problem.

    Please help!
  2. Short answer, no. Not without rendering your helmet illegal.
  3. wats the illegal solution if its a safe bet?
  4. It's not safe, Are you sure the straps are not adjustable?
  5. yes, they are small to go around. Looks like they were built for a skinny face. I went back to the shop and they couldn't do nothing either (as expected)..

    How about I cut the existing strip, buy the same kinda strap market and hot glue it to make it longer?
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  6. That won't work.
    Just get over it if you want to survive a crash then don't mess with the straps.
    If it's a brand new helmet then try a refund stating the reasons for it, otherwise take more care next time when purchasing a helmet.
    Chin straps are designed for a reason and they must not be tampered with or you will be sorry.
  7. Under consumer law - helmet is not fit for purpose as can not be retained on the head as its intended purpose

    I am suprised the straps do not work - better check that it is a AS/NZS 1698:2006 approved helmet by looking inside it to make sure it has the relavent labeling sewn into the liner

    Take it back - ask for a refund or exchange or credit towards another helmet

    as smee has stated dont play with the straps otherwise you will make the helmet as effective as an ice cream container on your head
  8. I went back to them but they have a strict no replacement or refund policy on helmets. They said that you should have checked before buying the helmet.
  9. check your consumer laws, if the item for sale does not work as intended, in this case the straps being too short, despite it fitting your head, then you have cause for refund or exchange, take it further with fair trading.
  10. Yup, if it does not correctly perform it's intended purpose, it doesn't matter what their store policy is, the law says that they have to replace/refund it. Just call consumer affairs, get a report number for it, and go in and give it to them. It usually gets them moving fairly quickly.
  11. The whole 'no refund' thing is illegal in every state and territory of Aus. It's a national law IIRC. Even if you agree to it at purchase time, it's still invalid.

    Sounds like you have the wrong size helmet. Do not alter the straop, that would be like altering the seatbelt in a car. Illegal and a generally bad idea.
  12. i think you have your helmet on backwards
  13. You didn't try it on before you bought it?

    I can't really imagine a helmet fitting but not having the straps come together, unless you looked like this.
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  14. ... or this...

    Attached Files:

  15. or this[​IMG]
  16. Geez...with a head like that who needs a helmet...paper bag anyone ?
  17. think the need would be 2 helmets, one on their head and the other on yours incase their's fall off!! or as in this case, straps might be too short!!

    MT1 might have a point, is the helmet a full face or an open face?
  18. [​IMG]

    I dunno, in this pic the straps seem to be coming together ok.
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  19. Honestly I did not try the double D rings coz as this is my first motorcycle helmet I bought, I kinda guessed that it would be fine. When you tie the strap properly (ofcourse while not wearing the helmet) it very funny. A man with a very skinny face and big head would be ideal for this helmet. The helmet is like XXL helmet with a M chin strap.
  20. Seriously though, do you know how to do the straps up correctly? The male end goes through the 2 D's back over the outside D and under the inside D. You can do it with an inch of strap. It may sound pretty stupid and obvious, but everyone who I've had as a pillion who hasn't been on a bike before doesn't understand the double D system at first and needs to be shown.