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QLD Helmet stolen off bike

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Bikes, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. #1 Bikes, Oct 29, 2012
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    Do not leave your bike parked in the shopping centre carpark located 30-34 Fitzgerald Ave, Springwood, Brisbane.

    I parked my commuter a 150cc NSR for literally 5 minutes while i grabbed a bottle of water from the shop. Unfortunatly I left my $260 helmet with tinted visor on the handle bar, that was stolen and they tried kick starting it while it with the steering lock on. I parked in 1st gear so they put it in neutral and tried kicking it on. I know beccause they left the leaver out and it in neutral. The poor bike was a bit upset by the molestation but i got her going after a while.

    More disgusted by the behaviour and the fact that as a vision impaired person with the provision of wearing glasses I need my tinted visor. Luckily a mate of mine had a spare helmet so i could get the bike home. It's a bit big but will do for now.

    So avoid parking there if you can as it appears there are quite a few scum bags in the area.

    If you have any advice on places to avoid maybe add it to the thread so that we all know where it's not so great to park your bike. Thanks
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  2. Firstly - that sucks. The world is full of pricks.

    Secondly - It seems that the world is also unfortunately full of people who are perfectly willing to leave an expensive piece of hardware unsecured. it takes 5 seconds to walk past, grab it, and nonchalantly wander off. You were away for 5 minutes? so you gave them 60 x the amount of time they need to swipe your shit.

    would you leave your wallet with $260 in it sitting unsecured in a parking lot?
  3. Bikes have been getting pinched since they were invented.
    Big deal,it could happen anywhere.If you leave your helmet unlocked on your bike---stiff shit.

    And playing the handi-capped card is a joke.
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  4. Not usually one to leave my helmet on my bike that's why i wrote unfortunatly as i know it was neive of me to do so, Doesn't give them the right either, but regardless the idea is not the helmet it is more the fact that the scum tried to steal the bike as well and that by trying to kick start in steering lock with no key i am lucky the bike itself was okay. I was merley warning other riders that the area is not particularily the best place to leave your bike unattended.

    The idea is that other riders who know of more unsavory places can put up there experiences up so that we as a community have a rough idea of where there is a higher risk,
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  5. See, now that's not such a bad idea. But if you want to do that then the thread title might want a bit of work eh?
  6. Good point... what should i call it?
  7. Im a goose and lost my helmet.
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  8. very constructive... what about 'not such a great place to park a bike'...
  9. Thanks Blab I just spat coffee all over my laptop.
  10. very constructive, what about 'not such a great place to park your bike'
  11. "some sucker just got nits"??? :D
  12. How long you been riding ? Not long judging by what you ride.
    Listen--its not a car,people will fcuk with it.
    People will pinch anything-including your little shit box.

    You might be blind, but stupid I doubt.
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  13. ^ that was only mildly antagonistic.

    out of port?
  14. Yeah,well I'm stupid-not blind.

  15. If the bike doesnt have a helmet lock point get a helmetlok. Simple and quick to hook the helmet onto the bike. Doesnt stop fk-tards from still taking it and destroying it in the process, but should stop the casual pick up.
    Use caution though ive heard and read about people grabbing helmets that are locked to bikes and pulling the bikes over.
  16. Will definitly look into that Mr Messy, thanks for the advice.

    I'm just on my p's so I have a bit to learn about bikes and how not to let others mess with them.
    I appreciate the feedback

  17. carry the helmet with you - yes, it's bulky and annoying but it's not out of your sight.

    Also clearly signals to all and sundry that you are indeed a bad ass, not to be f'kd with, biker from 'nam. Just don't let them see you get onto your one fiddy 'cos that kinda ruins the moment somewhat ;)

    EDIT: it doesn't matter what you do to your bike. if someone with the time, tools, inclination, and small penis wants it... the'll have it. one way or another
  18. No stress buddy ;). There are cheaper options, such as a padlock that fits over part of the frame. Works just as well and costs a 10th of the price.
  19. Could be time to round up a posse and play a game called 'Bait Bike'
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  20. Or "bait helmet". I can think of all sorts of things that could be added to the helmet liner which wouldn't be noticeable at first, but certainly would be once sufficient heat and sweat was added.