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NSW Helmet Stolen in Sydney CBD

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by jungleboy, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. I had my Shoei helmet stolen off my bike yesterday afternoon on Clarence Street, Wynyard. My bike - Suzuki TU250X comes with a helmet hook/lock but it looks like a good yank undid it. I was gone for 30 mins max.

    Just a cautionary post if you have the same ride as me. Or a really good helmet.
  2. what low lifes
  3. Very rarely do I leave my helmet on my bike without being able to see my bike.

    Too many tools out and about.
  4. Scumbags... but always take your helmet with you
  5. rarey leave helmet with bike.
  6. Damn... I've a helmet lock and do leave it there a few times.

    Have to be more careful from now on.
  7. Bugger - sorry to hear that. I've got a tu250x too ... good to know then helmet lock is a bit iffy.
  8. The helmet lock never seemed very safe but I thought it would be enough of a deterrant. Apparently not. Expensive lesson. It's still a great ride.
  9. What sort of helmet lock do you use?
  10. My left arm. Every time.
  11. #11 AngryAnt, Feb 20, 2012
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    I had a bluetooth dongle stolen from my helmet when locked to the bike in city. totally useless without peripherals but they took it anyway.
  12. Well that's it. I'll stop locking my helmet on the bike from now on.
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  13. mine's right, but its the most effective with the gloves on :D

    sorry for your loss tho.
    i've never left a helmet on my bike. i've hired a locker at tafe to keep my jacket and helmet in :)
  14. wtf. you should always carry your helmet with you. chicks dig it.
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  15. I don't leave my helmet with my bike. Even though its a pain to carry around I'm too paranoid.

    Got a new one yet?
  16. Lol really? I think I'll start leaving it on the bike then :D
  17. Must suck to realise your helmet is more desirable than your bike.
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  18. nooo, still carry it around and then when you get their numbers, post em up here :p

  19. That's a bit harsh, mate. I bet a lot of us have got a Shoei already, so its really equally desirable if you think about it.
  20. Alpinestars Charger Backpack... Always with me when I know i'll be parking somewhere out of sight. Pic below stolen from the interwebs.. but can pick one up from ebay, for under $140 AUD (with exchange rates being high at the moment) Mine was delivered in 4 days!

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