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N/A | National Helmet stickers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by oldmanriver, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hi, can anyone point me to the relevant legislation regarding stickers on helmets? I know its 'Aus standard' but my understanding is that aust standards are just a recommendation and something often used and quoted in courts or by a coroner but are not actually laws. I was told the aust standards mob are a private entity.
    eg. Its not illegal to use a scuba tank that doesnt have the relevant stamp or meet aust standards but you cant get it filled at a dive shop. Its more an industry enforced 'law' I was wondering if the helmet aust standards law is actually real law or just something industry enforced ie. the shops only seel ones with the sticker so if you die using their helmet or because of it the coroner doesnt nail them for selling a dodgy product ie. They can say it met aust standards.

    Any comments appreciated thanks.
  2. You need the right Australian standards sticker on your helmet to be legal, AS####, my helmet is right next to me but I can't tell you because the freakn thing came off. The shiny sticker is still attached, but the red and clear one that goes on top is AWAL. Actually just looking, even the shiny one is gone now.. but theres one on my visor..

    I haven't ever had a cop give my helmet a first glance let alone a second one.
  3. I can't dig up the actual road legislation right now, but it's written in the motorcycle users' handbook for each state.

    You are correct that the Australian Standards are not a law themselves.

    However, the road rules refer to the standard and are written such that:
    A motorcycle rider on Australian roads must wear an AS1694 (from memory) approved helmet. If it has a visor, the visor itself must comply with AS.... 16... uhh.. Eh, there's a seperate visor standard.

    It is a police-enforced law, not a recommended/optional compliance.

    Edit: Phizog, check inside the helmet, there should be a stitched-in patch that says the helmet complies.
  4. It's AS1698 for the helmet.
    Visors aren't actually required (obviously), but ironically if you do have one then it has to be AS approved to be legal.
  5. Form the Vic Handbook:
    "Riders and their passengers must wear helmets approved to
    Australian Standard AS1698 or AS/AZ1698, and these must
    be securely fitted and fastened on their heads. The helmets
    must have a visor this must be approved to AS1609, and
    must show this approval on the visor."
    ( makes no mention of a sticker attached to the outside of helmet ) ?

    From MRAA site: a reply from Standards Australia

    "The Standard has requirements for the marking but does not say if the marking should be on the inside or outside.
    Please note that Motorcycle helmets may have regulatory
    requirements, governed by the various road or transport
    authorities, that are in addition to the Australian Standards.
    Standards Australia has no regulatory role. "
  6. Oops, my bad. :)

    (And there goes my chance at an Australian-Standards inspired joke - there is no AS1694 at all. So, no "helmets must comply with the Australian Standards for poured concrete structures" or anything, heh)

    Visor/eye-protection standard is: AS1609. (I checked this time)
  7. An Australian Standard is not, in itself, a law. However, when a law requires compliance with an Australian Standard as a condition of compliance with the law, the requirements of the AS become legally enforceable.

    Now, can we pleas avoid a 10 page thread on this by the simple expedient of:-

    Those who wish to wear a non-AS helmet, go ahead and do so but cop the consequences, if they happen, on the chin.

    Those who wish to appear to be wearing an AS helmet whilst not doing so can search the archives and find any number of ways of trying it.

    Those who wish to be allowed to wear a non-AS helmet start lobbying government officials at State and Federal levels for a change in the legislation.

    Those who wish an easy life, just go and fcuking buy an AS helmet and swallow the cost/lack of style choice. It's only a once every few years thing and you don't see the outside of your lid when you're wearing it.

    Good luck with your choices people, but remember, they are your choices, for which you and you alone are ultimately responsible.
  8. Interesting, so that'd make a large number of open-face helmets illegal - including those worn by many Government employees (Aus Post, parking inspectors, etc.).
  9. Might be worth checking the Road Rules themselves (which are legally enforceable) rather than the Rider Handbook (which is not and so may not have been as rigorously checked for accuracy before publication).

    WA certainly has no requirement for visors to be fitted.
  10. :LOL: Good Point jd !!!
    and this is copied straight out of the handbook :shock:
    Yet If you check here:
    http://www.ridetek.com.au/pdfs/VicRiderPartA06.pdf .. it states:
    "If a helmet is fitted with a visor ... "
  11. There is an AS1694 - relates to physical barriers preventing termite infestation (wonder if helmets would pass that :LOL:).
  12. Odd, I searched for the standard and came up with nothing, using our company's portal into the standards. *headscratches* (Just re-searched and still no luck. Hmmph.)

    Still, there's the joke I was looking for:
    Spots says that helmets must comply with the standard for physical barriers preventing termite infestation. *nod* :grin:
  13. Probably, as long as they're not the old, cork padded jobs.
  14. ok so as stated its in the handbook but is it actually a law? I'd still like a link to the actual legislation. Has anyone on here been fined for it or has anyone taken it to court? Or is it all just scare tactics??
  15. Australian Road Rules

    Part 16, Rule 270,

    Google is useful and fast. *nod*
  16. It's law.

    Australian Road Rule No.270:
    Wearing motor bike helmets
    (1) The rider of a motor bike that is moving, or is stationary but
    not parked, must:
    (a) wear an approved motor bike helmet securely fitted and
    fastened on the rider’s head
    In this rule:
    approved motor bike helmet means a protective helmet for
    motor bike riders that is approved, for the Australian Road
    Rules, under another law of this jurisdiction.

    That approval is AS1698.
  17. ok thanks but the law doesnt mention the sticker just says it needs to be approved so I guess that opens another can of worms :)
  18. And the sticker is what proves its approved, just like with any AS approved item.
  19. That'd be a great arguement! My boyfriend purchased a helmet he saw in an aussie shop off the net to save a few *hundred* dollars.... He's been wearing it for years. He's been pulled over once or twice, even had the cops pull up next to him a few times asking him to turn on his headlight (older bikes don't turn on automatically) and they've never looked for the sticker.
  20. In order for a helmet to comply with AS1698, the helmet must have certain markings on it or inside it, listed below.

    From AS1698:
    Each helmet shall be permanently and legibly marked in letters no less than 1.5 mm, in such a manner that the marking can be easily read without the removal of padding, or any permanent part, with the following:

    (a) Name of the manufacturer.
    (b) Model designation.
    (c) Size.
    (d) Month and year of manufacture (may be spelled out, e.g. ‘July 2005, or in figures, e.g. ‘7/05’).
    (e) The words ‘Vehicle User’s Helmet’.
    (f) Instructions to user:
    (i) Shell and liner constructed of (identify type(s) of material).
    (ii) Helmet may be seriously damaged by substances such as petrol, paint,
    adhesives, or cleaning agents.
    (iii) Make no modifications.
    (iv) Fasten helmet securely.
    (v) If helmet experiences a severe blow, destroy it and replace it.
    (vi) Ensure that any visor attached to this helmet meets the requirements of AS 1609.
    (g) The certification mark (where required by Statutory Authorities).
    NOTE: Manufacturers making a statement of compliance with this Australian/New Zealand Standard on a product, or on packaging or promotional material related to that product, are advised to ensure that such compliance is capable of being verified.


    So now we go dig up the statutes to see which ones require a certification mark... ;)

    Of course, note that the above doesn't mention a sticker. This is the permanent, stitched-in label (or I guess it could be painted onto the shell), that the AS1698 standard is interested in.