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helmet stickers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sbb, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. hi,

    has anyone got a definitive reference for the requirements for AS sticker requirements on helmets?

    has been article in AMCN recently saying that they technically might not be needed and listed (in general terms) hole in the laws that mean they may not be needed

    reason i am asking, i want to get a new dual sport helmet and I want a colour other than black.
    For some reason Oz importers are only importing black (or some grey) version of the element when the manufacturer has a whole bunch of colours available.

    black/grey suck for heat, visibility and boredom factor. which is odd as these are favoured by mortard folk

    If it wasn't for the sticker I would buy online. So not aiming for a dodgy cheap helmet, just an approved one that has a decent colour

    so any actual references to the laws that would be tops. haven't managed to find any clear ones myself.

  2. There are dozens of threads on this. Do a search.
    International helmets can be different to the same model sold in Aust. In short, you need the sticker.
  3. Unless you have an unusually large head and live in NSW.
  4. Thanks :)
    Havent done the search, but if you are basing sticker definitely required on other threads. Then I just want to give this link that challenges that,


    This is along simliar lines of the AMCN, but more indepth.

    Based on this, seems even my stickered helmet is actually illegal now in nsw due to law changes. Also os the overall contradiction between standards and regulations overall for the country.

    So if any previous threads go into the latest findings that are coming out. With links to referencse that would be tops. Figure if it was it would be buried in long thread and not obvious in amongst all the theories.

    Will search a bit, but keen for any shortcut ;)
  5. searched, saw similar recent thread to this ..

    so this one can be all over :)
  6. How does this happen?