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helmet stickers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by spenaroo, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. ive got my dads old helmet next to me from when he rode (has to be early 90's with the colors ive got to post a pic, i love it.would wear it if i could get a new visor for it - if the newer agv's are the same) but what makes it awesome is the personalization of small "bumper stickers" on it.

    for example the back has: its a speed thing you wouldn't understand
    the front bottom lip has: put your hands up - open the till
    and my personal favorite on the visor is: if you can read this - your faster then you look

    what happened to these ive been looking on ebay etc... and cant track anything similar down. and haven't seen these sorts of stickers in moto shops. anyone know if there still available??? and where id find some as id love to put a few on my helmet.

    oh and heres the real kicker my helmet (rxt atom) is size:S dads agv, that fits me almost as well (actually better around the top of the head and the chin/neck) is size:L ....... thats a decent gap in sizes are heads getting bigger? or is there another explanation.
  2. our local market has a sticker guy that will print out anything you want
  3. get some made
  4. There are few things that fill me with more rage than bumper stickers. Actually there's a lot, I'm an angry person. But they're still pretty annoying. Ones that attempt to be humorous are slightly more acceptable than the infinite number of AFL and other club membership stickers. Like I give a shit if you support nurses or were subscribed to Collingwood in 2009 or some bull
  5. Life is an illusion caused by lack of drugs
  6. "Addiction shows dedication"
    "If you can read this, the biatch fell off"