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helmet speakers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibanezboy21, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. wind noise will be a killer
  2. phillips selling ear bug type phones for about $15 I think and they seem to work ok. these speakers you put up seem to allow space between ears and speakers which is why Smee's comment is so, at high speed [unless you have a special quiet helmet] the wind noise will more then cancel the music coming out of those speakers, mind you, we coul dbe wrong!! But you have another option either way :)
    good luck with your choice.
  3. I've got the same pair, I brought two off ebay, I'm not an avid lover of music so I usually just listen to the FM radio and podcasts on my MP3 player and these do the trick well enough.

    As mentioned above, wind noise is the most annoying thing about the helmet speakers, usually my route to work is only < 60km/h and like 80km/h for 100m so I don't tend to notice it as much but I can still hear, and the volume is easily adjustable even with gloves.

    I think for < $5 you can at least try them out, and if you don't like them chuck them out or give them away.
  4. At that price, they're probably pretty crappy, but no harm in trying. I use similar speakers with the bluetooth unit I have. Windnoise is an issue with those too.
  5. I got a pair and they were awful. Could barely hear a thing if going over 60. The inner ear ones are much better IMO.
  6. I had an old Logitech headset which has the flat speakers (aprox half inch), but for which the protective foam wore away so couldn't use them anymore.
    So I decided to dismantle them and although I had to do some re-soldering and cover the work with heat shrink because I nipped the wire during the work I managed to fit them quite nicely in between the foam and lining through one of the seams on either side.
    The cheek/ear foam pieces on the left and right on my helmet are removable.
    The Logitech headset cost me $50 new two years ago.
    The sound is great, yes you hear a bit of wind but it is not much worse compared to earphones.
    The best thing is ... I don't have to fiddle with the ear pieces every time I put the helmet on nor to they slip out whenever I hit a bump ... :)
  7. I'm using a Scala set on long rides. I've set the headphones inside my helmet aligned with my ears. It pairs with my iPhone and with other Scalas - works great, I've been really happy with it. It's got this great feature that allows you to search your local area for radio stations while on the go - really good when you're travelling to different areas. The units are expensive, but well worth it imo.
  8. yes but you do have very big ears.
  9. Same Speakers as our headsets for the StarCom1 systems, they'll be sort of OK up to about 80kph if you have no extra amplification in the system.

    Generally find most iPod/MP3 players dont have the oomph to drive them past 80kph

    I ALWAYS wear (foam squishy) earplugs, and ride a '78 Duc with Contis :dance:
    but still have great volume tunes/UHF/GPS/Phone?intercom at $150 :angel:
  10. The starcom speakers in my helmet work fine, but you need to wear ear plugs otherwise the sound levels required to hear over the wind noise are painful. My pillion has similar ebay speakers in her helmet also hooked up to the starcom system and they work fine.

    I hate the ear bud headphones under the helmet, I always mange to dislodge them putting the helmet on and I was getting some funky noise through the headphone cables.