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Helmet Speakers / Headphones ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Omarko, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Hi guys

    I would like to ask - what are people using as headphones or helmet speakers when they are listening to music while riding?

    I have tried 4 different headphones so far but struggling to find a pair that does not slip out when I am puttingmy helmet on.

    I even tried earbud headphones that have a hook but that that not help. Because the helmet is so tight when I am putting it on, the headphones shift and come out a bit so there is absolutely no base and no sound isolation.

    I was thinking of getting a pair of something like this:


    Anyone tried those ? what will happen if I have a side impact? Will the headphones be imprinted straight on?

    PS: this thread is not intended to be for discussion whether one should or should not listen to music while driving. Thank you.
  2. Earmolds.

    Custom fitted they are extremely comfortable for wearing for long periods. I have normal ones I wear for work and often wear them all day without any discomfort.

    The recreational ones with the speaker wires are great for riding. You get a little noise from the tubes exposed to the wind, but overall, don't need much volume to hear the music and still have some reasonable situational awareness. I suppose the wind noise could be reduced by wrapping them in some material I suppose, but it's not really that much of a bother.

    Can't recommend them highly enough.

  3. For an over the counter option I'd go with the Sennheiser CX-300 headphones
  4. thanks for the quick responses guys...

    this actually looks great, any suggestions where can I get these with built in headphones?


    I have exactly same ones already, the moment I start slipping the helmet on, they come out of my ears .. its impossible to re-adjust them with my hand as the helmet is on very tightly.

    yesterday I got these :

    model MDREX52SLB


    but they are also coming out .... :(
  5. Ear Mould are the go,that's the only way to suppress the wind noise,and with the tubes lots less volume,music wise is needed,with speakers max volume is what is needed to suppress the wind noise,= hearing damage,
    the Sydney ear mold rep is at Black town,lost her number,very helpful,
    take your helmet to check fit,mine needed a trim to reduce pressure,the Plugs are $60 and the wires for the sound are $150,they supply everything from the 3.5mm plug to the ear,your gadget will need a jack,lots of stuff is hardwired to there own plugs or speakers so you have been warned.
    I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get my TOM TOM and FM radio to work with the ear molds,NOT EASY,but not the ear moulds fault,
    just lots of stupid electronic gear that no one made bike friendly.Get her number with google.
  6. thanks for the tip!

    I'll try to contact them ...
  7. the headphones that come with w850i from sony-ericsson fit inside the ear aswell, you just need a small extension lead unless you have a high chest pocket.

    Earmolds would be preferable though as they block more noise.
  8. Hook the wires over your ears before putting on the helmet, and check for enough slack before lifting your head. Mine pull out mainly when the leads are too short, ie zip up the jacket AFTER putting on the helmet.

    I bought some Phillips noise cancelling ones off fleabay ($30) and they are excellent - have done a few 1600klm + days with them, and no dramas.

    Have been thinking about some BOSE earphones, but they are exxy.
  9. i have the CX300. wrap the wire over your ears from the back to the front and when you put your helmet on.. stretch it out and lower it SLOWLY. make sure the strap goes over your ear as this should be the widest part of the helmet as you pull the sides out
  10. i use my standard iPhone ones...

    they are generally ok, sometimes they hurt if i put my helmet on n move them but if the helmets on fine then they're fine

    can even have a conversation on the fone with a helmet on :p