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helmet size

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by aetude, May 7, 2008.

  1. i am struggling to find a helmet that fits properly, just shopping around my head is exactly 56 CM, rounded to oval.

    the small size helmet 55-56 cm, are very snuggle tight fit that hurts my ears, and 56-58 cm medium size helmets i feel abit loose..

    anyone with a exactly 56 cm head got some experience to tell ? i think shoei is most comfortiable so far
  2. get the tight one .
    I still get sore ears with my helmet and the helmet is 6 months old but only after long rides, say 3 0r 4 hundred ks , but it's slowly molding it'self to my noodle.
    You want a snug lid , i made sure the last helmet i purchased pressed on my cheeks so that i could bite the inside of my cheeks without to much trouble.
    It's a shoei small by the way.
  3. Takes a little while for the padding to adjust to your noggin - get the helmet that is most comfortable, make sure you're not folding your ears over when you put it on.

    I tried on everything before I found the perfect fit - you just have to keep trying till it feels right.
  4. How? I tried a couple the other day (Shoei and AGV) and found that with a 'medium' size the helmet could shake around my head (bad) - but a 'small' wouldnt - both were very hard to get on and almost impossible to take off.

    My ears in all cases were folded over as I squeezed into the helmet - how do you keep your ears unfolded? gaffer tape? :eek:
  5. When you're holding the helmet to put it on, hold it by the chin straps and pull them outward - it compacts the lining so your ears don't get folded.

    and I fix my ears by putting my finger thru the visor, and slide up to straighten. Sounds like I have gigantic ears, but I really don't, they are just bendy!!

    Dad Again, come on a ride with me, I'll explain it in person!!
  6. <Hijack alert!>

    Whilst we are on the topic of helmet size, can someone please tell me what helmet to get/what can I do to not look like a matchstick when I'm wearing my helmet?

    My head is...large to begin with. However, not out of proportion from my body I think. However, when I wear my helmet I look like those dashboard bobble-heads. This is seriously hurting my 'cool rider' credibility. FYI I wear HJC Sword.


  7. Yeah, sounds like me. Are you looking in the mirror without putting your jacket on though - that solves the problem for me. I mean, I don't think I'd be wearing one without the other anyway...its not worth it.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. Yeah, I got the jacket on. I even replaced the original shoulder armours with a more lethal pair to, you know, 'bulk it up' a bit. Still bobble head.

    Plus, I'm also short.
  9. Lol, unfortunate. I had an Rjays fugitive helmet that was a bit bobble head, has a bulky chin area. Ive got a hjc now, which is better.

    As for small size helmets - im a 56 also - I found that Rjays and obviously hjc fit better. Shoei and arai werent the best.. but if they were cheaper id deal with it cos they look awesome.
  10. Try on as many different brands as you can. You will get to one and go "thats it". They all have different shell shapes. Although they do bed in a little dont buy one thats tight. There is nothing worse than a lid thats to tight. Its distracting and you'll have headaches. Dont be to hung up on any brand or graphics. Fit is #1. Shop around...............
  11. I had the same problem when helmet shopping.

    Ended up getting the tighter fitting helmet, even though I had to get assistance to take it off :LOL:

    Found Shoei the best fit for me.

    It has slowly become more comfy, but I still need to pull the straps out sideways when putting it on.

    And yes, I'm a bobble head too !!!!
  12. My helmet is metallic red, clear visor, no graphics, just a Shark logo - block colours are slimming, all those graphics make it look busy and bigger.
  13. okay no one else talking unless they post their head size and their helmets :roll: remeasured my head again today and its gone up to 57 lol. between 56 and 57 i would say probaly the hair :p
  14. Take your head out of your arse and read my post again.
    It doesnt matter a stuff what your head size is. You have to find a helmet that fits your head shape.

    FWIW my current HJC is an XL and I was able to get my head into some that were L and others that were XL but none of them fitted like the HJC.
  15. you have to tuck your ears thru visor ? that sounds pretty extreme..
  16. Hey mate, Shoei would be your best bet! I've got the biggest head with this wierd bump on the back of it (i still reckon mum dropped me LoL!) and they were able to accomodate for mum's mistakes!LoL
    But some XXL were different amongst helmet designs. so u might have to stick with that one design, luckily mine was not ugly.
  17. Sorry I was just reading some old threads. Why is this? Does it damage them (your ears) over time? When putting my helmet on it folds my ears a little but then as soon as its on they're fine?
  18. hi aetude...
    mate the wife is the same size as you & im a 59... after all the helmets you try on it just goes back to your boof head & how they feel... you will know the one helmet when you put it on :wink:
    two helmets you should try IMO:

    we both have a AGV GP-Pro (awesome helmet)

    i also have a Shark RSF-2i

    hope this helps