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Helmet shell sizes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Deadsy, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hello, I'm a noob and I have a noob question. :LOL:

    Basically I've been getting my gear slowly, while I have the money, before I go for my Ls in a few weeks. Today I picked up a Shoei TZ-R, it's a size medium and it fits me nicely etc. When I got home the first thing I did was put it on and step in front of a mirror... I thought I was looking at some cross between an alien bug and an astronaut. :oops: I am around 165cm tall, averageish build and the thing just looks a little big on me. Is it true that there is very little size difference between most helmet shell sizes, if at all. Is it true that, basically, when I picked up this medium the only difference between it and the other sizes was the padding. Why do helmet manufacturers do this? Is it simply cheaper?
    I am also wondering if a helmet that seems too big (physically, I mean) will be a problem at all? Anyone else have any similar issues?

  2. I bought a TZR-1 helmet too and feel it's an appropriate size for me. I never felt it was too big for me... lots of good firm, snug fitting cushioning makes me a safe little boy.
  3. I also have a TZ-R helmet, size S -small. I don't find it is too big at all. I think at first it may appear big on you as it is something new and does add bulk to your head, and therefore initially it may look obtrusive.
  4. The shoei's have different shells to cover the size range, ie the L and XL are different shells.

    A lot of cheaper helmets just fill the shells up with padding to make the sizes.
  5. +1 on what Tanya said.
    When I got my KBC helmet in L it was WAY bigger than the Shoei I got now.

    'Sides, you don't want it too small. That would mean that there would barely be any cushioning if you stacked on your head. (knock on wood.)

  6. Yeah what they said. Shoei have 4 shell sizes spread between 6 interior
    sizes. Cheap brands use the same shell for xxs and xxL!
    Your helmet will look less bulgy when you have a jacket with the armoured
    shoulder pads on.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I feel a little silly about this thread now, you're all correct. In full gear and after getting used to the look with the helmet it probably won't seem like it looks so big. :)
  8. In a (somewhat controversial) article linked by one of the fine members here in a previous thread, it made the interesting point that a cheapo size s helmet in a larger shell with a thicker crumple-zone may actually provide better protection. Makes me feel not quite so ridiculous in my helmet :D
  9. Yes, Nikku maybe, but think also about the extra weight that your neck has to support, that is the downside. That weight on your neck, can cause fatigue.