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helmet shape

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by yeowie, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. hello everyone, i have been regularly surfing this forum and this is my first post.

    straight to business,i am about to go for my L's and i have been looking for a helmet in conjunction with a bike. but unfortunatly i was born with the misfortune of not fitting into the 80% of people with a 'regular' shaped head that helmet companies mostly build their helmets for :( .

    i find that i most of the helmets i try are tight around the sides in the back of the head. i was wondering if anyone had similar problems and what brands cater for this. thanks in advance!
  2. I'm not sure about the back of the head bit, but my bonce is fairly wide and I find HJC's products to be the best fit (on me) by a country mile.
  3. Hi mate, welcome to NR

    I've had similar problems myself and just got my learners last Monday. I found that any shoei helmet i could stick my finger between the helmet and my temple, agv's felt like my head was being forced through a staircase and generally found most other brands sat to high or were to loose.
    The helmet for me turned out to be a shark RS2 i i think thats it (haven't got it yet) but even other sharks didn't fit right.

    Since ur in vic some good places to visit i found with helpful staff were peter stevens and the kwaka shop in dandy on the princess hwy. At the kwaka shop talk to joey and at peter stevens talk to an old shortish guy going slightly bald, they gave me really helpful info.

    Apart from that all i can suggest is to try on as many different helmets as possible, make sure u can't get fingers beside ur temples, snug all over (firm so that it will mould to ur head but not uncomfortable). Everything i have been told is that, fit is the most important feature of a good helmet, one that fits properly will better protect u than one made from the best material, so don't get sucked into buying the first helmet u try on, search for the right one and wear it for at least 3-5 min to make sure it won't give u a headache.

    cheers ant
  4. thanks for the replies. Yea i have tried on a hjc it definitely was wide enough, but shape was abit off. kinda hard to explain, i looked it up on the internet and the term they used wasnt at all flattering. my noggins kinda 'egg shaped' :oops:

    as in where at the top of my head it seems to flatten leaving the sides at the top of the head (towards the back) kinda sticking out. whenever i try on a helmet i usually feel pressure in that place. even tried on a size up in xl, but same thing...

    dandy is about 30 minutes away so i might give that a go. are there any places around melbourne that specialise in helmets and/or have an extensive range?
  5. Mate you just have to keep trying them on. Dont even look at price find one that fits first.
    Do not under any conditions buy a lid that is just "ok". It needs to fit end of story. If its a little snug all over that may be ok as the padding will compress a little over time but an ill fitting lid will be a pain forever.

    I tried on heaps before I found my HJC.
  6. Go to the city. Bunch of shops on Elizabeth St. I bought my Shoei from Peter Stevens. Ttried practically one of each they had in stock and only the Shoei TZR would fit my head. XL at that.

    Checked online, found a very good price, went back and gave them a chance to better it. They didn't, but for $470, I can't complain :grin:
  7. I find HJC helmets didnt fit me right either, try a KBC they seems to fit me well
  8. hmm yea, was close to buying a helmet off ebay before even trying any on... did not even occur to me that it may not fit me. owell, i'll head down to the city this weekend and try my luck. hopefully i can pull a discount if i bring a friend who is also in the market 4 one.
  9. I'm keen to hear how you fare & what helmets you tried on & what they felt like. Best of luck in the city! Hope you find your perfect helmet. :)
  10. life's a biatch

  11. race replica in brooklyn have shark, kbc, suomy, nolan and a few other brands you can try out.
  12. I had a similar problem and tried on heaps of different helmets. The only one that came close to fitting was the Shoei xr-1000 (the other Shoei's didnt even fit). As it was, I still had to go up a size, so it was a bit too big everywhere else.

    I only rode to commute, and I could always tell when the trip was taking longer than usual as it started to cut into my head after 40 minutes :oops:
  13. yea didnt end up trying the shoei's i went down to brighton kawasaki today and there were a couple bike shops next to it as well... the only ones that seemed to fit me were the agv stealth and the OGK ff4?..

    but pricy.. i might have to go back when i get the cash together... but telstra dividends paid up today.. YAY!
  14. i ended up buying a suomy from peter stevens

    there were having a MASSIVE sale this weekend 15% off most things with some items half price. i picked up my suomy at cost of 180, down from 370. pretty happy with it. it was either that or the agv stealth. this one fit better

    only thing is that since suomy are not being imported any more i cant get tinted visors for it retail... but for the price i got it and the comfortable fit i cant be happier
  15. it was a good sale

    i picked up an agv ti tech, a tinted visor for it, and a pair of race gloves for $560 :)
  16. Sunnies under the clear visor are definitely the go. More versatile and cheaper than changing visors. I use cheapy tinted safety specs from Bunnies at $15 a shot and chuck 'em away when they're knackered ('bout a year of constant use for me). Brilliant wind protection when visor up and they're impact rated.

    Look after your clear visors and you shouldn't go through more than a couple before you should be replacing the lid anyway.

    Glad you found a good fit at a good price.
  17. As someone said earlier on this thread, its fit, fit & fit (not price).

    ARAI do helmets with 3 different head shapes - Profile (for very oval heads), Vector (for intermediate oval) and I can't remember the name(s) of their round lids.

    There is a great UK bike site on all of this which has heaps of detail:

    I've just replaced a KBC, which got tight at the front after 2.5 years (why????), with a Profile - great fit, a bit noisier than the KBC, and (sadly) much more expensive. Hope it lasts well .....
  18. I'm leaning towards the Nolan N42 and N102 Modular. Nice gear.