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Helmet security on bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Renee_AW, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. I have a lock on the side of my bike that I can attach my helmet to (using the D rings). I have not left my helmet on there as I have some concerns about theft & also about someone striking it or doing some damage.

    Not sure if these are legitimate concerns?

    Does anyone have any suggestions/comments about leaving the helmet attached to the bike?

    My bike is a Kawasaki GPX250R.

  2. Yesterday on my way home from work saw 5 choppers and 1 zz-r park on the footpath out the front of a tattoo shop with their helmets hanging on the bars. No security problem there!!

    On a serious note u could invest in one of these:


    I'm sure there is a hard case thats lockable available. . .


    Take it with you (if thats an option)

    safe riding
  3. I have a GPX too, the thing I was worried about was it hanging down on the exhaust when using that lock. I take a helmet bag with me and carry it around.
  4. I don't expect anyone to damage it. I have a ZZR (i.e. GPX with bigger fairing) and always leave it attached to the bike.

    Potentially, someone can lever up the seat or force the seat lock, but this would be time consuming and obvious. The only real threat is that of some idiot pulling out a pocket knife and cutting the strap. Which makes the helmet useless, but idiots don't know that.

    If you do put the helmet on the bike, be cautious of which side you put it on. If the bike gets blown or knocked over, you don't want the helmet breaking the bike's fall. If the bike is in a carpark, put the helmet on the side with the most room so some callous driver doesn't knock it when parking.
  5. I received a PM from someone who has a solution for the helmet hanging on the exhaust (I forgot to add this as one of my concerns). He is going to post some photos so they might help.

    I don't mind carrying it with me most of the time but there are times when it would be good just to leave it with the bike. I might look into a helmet bag as I only have the sock I bought it in.
  6. friend had his helmet stolen, got back to the bike to find just the D ring and a tiny bit of chin strap..... not only the cost of the lost helmet but I had a 2 hr round trip to pick up a spare so he could ride home. boot repair will fit a new Dring for about $10 so the thief got a very cheap helmet
  7. Amazing that people will steal helmets. I generally just leave mine on my bike. Its dirty, smelly and often covered with sweat.

    Surprisingly I don't have a problem :?:
  8. I think they are few but it seems there are some people with NO respect...what would someone do with my helmet anyway????
  9. There was a series of helmet theft where I usually park my bike (MELB CBD). I usually dont leave my helmet on my bike unless I ABSOLUTELY have to. when I anticipate that I will, i bring an old helmet.

    No point giving them the opportunity to steal a helmet plus damaging the seat. no helmet, nothing to seal......

    so they stole my left rearset. bastards
  10. Add it to their collection of useless helmets with missing D-rings.
  11. There are stories of riders returning to find their helmets full of garbage, vomit and or urine. :shock:

    I never leave my helmet with the bike.
  12. i had some f*@ker steal my helmet from the lock on the side of the bike...easy enough i suppose to break it on any bike. he left a 1970's style helmet on my muffler so at least i got home that nite.

    the next day the idiot pulls into the same parking station with his girlfriend wearing my helmet on the back of his bike.

    i start running at them and he quickly shoots off and i never see him again....and you'd hope there is a sense of community amongst motorcyclists....

    anyway, i bought a bike chain ( for a pushie ) and lock this through the handles on my pillion seat when i get off. no more carrying helmet around and it would be impossible to break...
  13. I dont get to see the phoros due the to IT system I am on here, but there is a Helmet safe by PacSafe that is very good, I left it with my brother in the UK, but here i could put the helmet, glooves, googles, etc in side, then run the cable through the jacket arm, boots loop etc when out in the scrub going for a hike.. (south tassie, fraser island etc), its water prrof and does good, at the moment i am using a large Rjays top box which it and all the other stuff goes into...
  14. forgot to mention that my friend chains this helmet to some rails or failing that, the wheel of his bike
  15. Thank you everyone - I think I will be taking my helmet with me. It's precious!

    I am glad I asked!
  16. I'm planning to buy a pushbike chain and wrap through the rearsets. It should fit in my boot along with my wet gear and tools.
  17. I use one of those heavy plastic covered chains and a good padlock. Through
    the front of the helmet, round the chin piece and around the triple clamp, then I leave the helmet on the tank and handle bars (tucked up under the screen) loop the chain around a mirror so everyone can see how secure it is.

    Been doing this for about 20 years, in England and here, never had a problem. Added bonus is that the helmet is too high for a drunk to piss in.

    At the beach I often put the chain through the arms of my jacket and leave that as well.
  18. If I'm on private property with other motorcycle parking, I'll leave mine on the bike.

    Otherwise I take it with me: I've heard enough stories about helmets getting pissed in.
  19. My helmet is a POS. I dont think i'd be able to give it away let alone have it stolen. :cry:
  20. I saw someone do this at a beach near here and was very impressed - I might give it a try!