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Helmet seal lube?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by XMan, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Hi folks

    I've searched the forums for this subject but haven't found anything that answers my question. Apologies if there is something on it that I wasn't able to spot!

    The tiny lube bottle supplied with my Bell helmet was actually empty when I went to use it. I wondered if I need to get hold of a specific lube from the local motorcycle accessories shop or whether there's a household equivalent that will do as good, or a better job.

    Appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Can't really help, but I'd also like to know the answer to this. Can you even buy replacement bottles??
  3. There was a bottle of lubricant that came with my shark evoline helmet. I think it's a silicon based lubricant to help keep the rubber pliable and stop it from being attacked by ozone/UV rays.

    I have no idea where to get new stuff or whether any silicon lube will do.

    Find out who the importer is and send them an email... let us know!
  4. Ask whoever you bought it from. PS had a drawer full for my Arai.
  5. Arai sell them, you may have to get in touch with them, I'm interested as well
  6. The importer's web site "Contact" form isn't working but I surmise they'll just refer me to a retailer anyway. I'll drop in to the accessories shop on the way home this arvo. Hopefully they've got a drawer full as well! Will keep you posted
  7. You can buy silicon spray from Bunnings, it may do the job.
  8. Cheers Bob. I'm not in a great hurry and don't want to risk possibly degrading the seal of an almost brand new helmet with a generic product, unless the supplier approves of it (and I'd be getting that writing for warranty purposes!)
  9. Yeah, of course. Just a suggestion. It would be safe for rubber though as the one they sell is a food grade. I use it for plastic cabling on skydiving equipment, so it is safe..

    Helmets come with a silicon grease, but you only want a very thin film on there anyway, so i'll be using the silicone spray once the tube of grease runs out.
  10. Oh cool, thanks Bob. I've just managed to get through to Monza Imports (Bell helmet importers) so I'll wait to hear what they've got to say. I expect they'll just send me some but if not, I'll ask about the Bunnings product.
  11. Also interested as I have a Shark Evoline and a near empty bottle of visor seal lubricant.
  12. Wow, this is a new concept to me after 40+ years on the road.
    Visor seal lube????
    I dont even clean the seal and every one has lasted without problems for the life of the helmet.
    Is the seal not protected most of the time by the UV cut from the visor.
    As I said, all new to me, I'm willing to learn.
  13. Any silicone lube should be fine, best not to use petroleum based lubes. Most pool shops sell it as well, used for pump o rings.
  14. Johnson's Baby Oil (the unscented version) also works very well. It can be used on door and window seals on cars as well.
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  15. I had to take my new helmet back to the store as it was not sealing as it should... (posted the following in another thread)

    I have a Shark Vision R. The visor is Non adjustable but uses the auto seal system.
    I was having about 2-3mm gaps when visor was closed. very annoying and whistled.

    Spoke to the rep and he said the tech said it was an easy fix... use the supplied lube ! WTF?
    I said I did not get any!... he sent the helmet back with a bottle... it is also a spare part you can order. Nothing in the manual mentions oiling the visor sealing rubber.

    just a drop or two on the finger and wipe the rubber seal. Lid closes nice and tight now.
    I think it some kind of silicone oil. lasts just over a week of daily use.
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  16. It is possible to expect too much from the visor. Rain drops the size of marbles will invariably force their way in if they hit the join at speed, no matter how well it appears to seal. Whistle associated with poor fit should not be tolerated, but heavy rain is a recipe for a certain amount of leakage. I've only ever had one helmet what was "pretty good" an old Shoei S12 with no vents and one of those externally fastened polycarbonate flat visors that came flat. I think it worked because it was just so large on the front of the helmet that water hitting it ran off onto backwards sloping helmet surfaces. It did not fit particularly closely, and any water I got in appeared to come from the bottom, usually as spray.

    Comparing that to later helmets which I have had, which have smaller visors which close on hinge like fasteners which a satisfying clunk, against a real rubber seal and give you the impression of being tight, but leak like sieves around the edges when pushed into real wet. Just a guess, but I think the vents contribute in allowing air to leak out of the helmet. An unvented helmet can present a positive pressure on the inside edges of the visor at any real speed, due to wind hitting your upper chest and being diverted and this may assist in keeping water out. This might explain why the Shoeis and the Bells, which they were a copy of, were so good.

    I'd like to try an open face with a "bubble" sometime. They might be pretty good, but I do like the idea of an amount of chin protection afforded by full face models.

    I can see an argument for having a "winter" helmet and a "summer" helmet.