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Helmet Review: Arai Vector Nori Haga Replica

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Bamm-Bamm, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Well it was time for a new lid recently, my old Shoei TZR-Destiny had a fall at a servo recently and seems as I hated the damn thing anyway it was as good an excuse as any to upgrade :)

    Over the course of a couple of weekends I tried on every helmet i could get my grubby mits on...you name it I tried



    but I just kept coming back to the Arai Vector, I didn't have set budget in mind I just wanted a helmet that would fit CORRECTLY. I'm probably no differrent to most people in that they hurry when choosing gear and often buy stuff that often fits OK but is not as good as it could be...this time I was determined to buy nothing but the perfect fit...hence the hours I spent in bike shops walking around in various helmets.

    Well I finally decided on the Vector(size small)as it was by far the best fit for my noggin, it was a bit touch and go for a sec as the medium was a bit loose and the small was a bit tight but after walking around with a small on I chanced the fact the lining would give a little over time.

    I have owned the helmet for a few weeks now and so far it has given a bit, at the start it was very tight around my cheeks but as the cheek pads have loosened up it is a much more comfortable fit, I've yet to do a really long day ride but at this stage I can't forsee any problems.

    People say Arai helmets are noisy...and they would be right but I wear earplugs anyway and I can put up with noise a lot better than an ill fitting helmet so i'll live with it!, ventilation is pretty good although it does cause my glasses to fog up...to be honest this is a problem on nearly all helmets I tried..don't want fogging crack the visor and open some vents or get contacts...LOL

    At least with the Arai's they are very accomodating if you wear glasses... a lot of helmets I tried on I couldn't get the arms of my glasses past the front of my face...there was no allowance there for glasses at all.

    The only fly in the ointment at this stage is visor costs...**** me Arai know how to charge...$150 for an iridium visor is taking the piss, even $99 for a tinted is a bit steep...must be the visor vents..maybe they have platinum hinges or something...speaking of visors, changing them is a pain in the arse, I'm sure I'll get used to it but I'll have a lot of cursing to do until that point in time:censored:

    When i was out looking I didn't want a blinged up helmet, something with some nice understated graphics would be fine...the grey/black Nori replica was perfect! I have to say fit and finish is pretty much excellent, the paintwork is smooth and glossy and the interior is really comfortable too, the only down side is one of the vents on top of my helmet had a broken clip, a quick call to my dealer(Vision Motorsports) had one sorted out pronto.

    Anyway I hope the review is of some use to you, if you have any questions i'll do me best to answer them...pics of helmet are below

    so to sum up

    + Points

    Good ventilation
    Build quality
    After sales support
    Fairly understated design

    - Points

    Noisy (but ok with earplugs)
    Sell your soul for a visor pricing
    Fogs glasses (but then they all do that I guess)
    Changing visors, you'll learn some new swear words you didn't know existed(but I'm sure it gets better with practice)




  2. Love my Doohan Vector , the visor change is pain until you get the hang of it, now it only takes 2 seconds , dont be afraid of the noises it makes as you rip the visor off its doubtfull that you will damage it.
    As for noisy ,when I had the VFR I reckon the Vector was whisper quite , on the FJR its Fken noisy so its subject to other parameters. I always use ear plugs so its not an issue.
    Ventilation is great, the visor vents help the defogging without the drought from the chin vent.
    Yes I would buy another as its the best fitting lid I could find.
    Unless I could find an Xlite to try. I used to have one and that was comfy and quiet but heavier than the Vector.
  3. Tinted AGV visors are $99 for the Stealth model, standard ones are $50! They're taking us all for a ride!

    Nice looking helmet though.
  4. i've had my Arai Vector for about 3000 road km's and 3 track days. it was the best fitting helmet for my head, hence why i got it.

    it is noisy, but ear plugs solve that. people say that arai helmets are noisey, but mine is quieter than my old HJC unit, and others i've worn in the past. it also makes my glasses fog up, but that's only when i'm stationary with the visor down. the visor's ability to be cracked open a tiny bit whilst still being locked is great, and actually works!

    visor takes about 10 seconds to remove, and about the same to put back on. once you do it 10-20 times you get the hang of it. i found putting some of that silicon lube on it every 2 or 3 visor swaps keeps it all working smoothly.

    overall, i'm very happy with it. glad to see you like yours too.
  5. Just waiting for the rain to piss off to go try mine out ](*,)
  6. Just so noobs don't get confused, dropping an empty helmet onto the ground does not mean it's farked...unless you're looking for an excuse to buy a new lid :wink:
  7. You sure about that? I guess from what height you drop it from and what surface it hits. Seeing as you can't see the foam under the shell, you have no way of knowing whether it has deformed. I wouldn't want to test it out in a real collision with a helmet that may already be compromised, chances are part of the foam inside the shell may have deformed and the next hit is when it fails.
  8. Yep...looks like it's time to dig up the clip from Jay Leno's Garage where the Arai rep explains this to be the case

    Be right back...
  9. Okay checkout

    Specifically checkout the part that's 3 mins from the end.

    From the height of the seat, with nothing in the helmet (eg a head) the low forces ill not be enough to munt your helmet, though it might cause minor cosmetic damage. I'd think twice if you threw it off of Eureka building though :grin:
  10. Well.
    Bamm-Bamm's review took on a whole new meaning fro me after watching the Jay Leno video and hearing the Arai guy talking about the significance of fit. Many of the details I was merely aware of for one reason or another and will now make them a greater significance in helmet choice but to hear that there's people who's helmets may be two sizes too big is confronting to say the least. I'm going to suggest that Bamm-Bamm's negative points are worth living with if it's a lid that fits like nothing else.
    Bamm-Bamm, thank you for the review. Morbo28, thank you for the video link.
  11. Cool video, thanks for the link. Just killed off the best excuse for a new helmet.
  12. I have just had the pleasure of finding out that the side covers for the visor lock
    and the visor lock mechanism are pretty ****ing expensive when a crow peels one off the side at a buck something :rofl:

    Otherwise awesome helmet and i've been a shoei man for the last 5yrs
  13. Wait till you want to buy another visor, then you get to bend over and pay "Arai tax"

  14. since my last helmet was trashed, i went n tried some on the other night. the vectors felt pretty good and although a bit pricier than what i wanted, seem pretty decent.

    to buy one or not...
  15. Buy one! i was tossing up between a vector and the xd3 as my new lid,,, chose the xd3 because it suits the motard better!
    Arai were the best fitting helmet for my head, absolutely love it!
  16. Yeah, been using this for 2 years now, and the only thing ive found is that at High speed the helmet pushes un-comfortably against my nose (but could be cause my nose is to big for my face though!)
    Also dropped it, and it landed right on that little plastic wing on the back causing it to come off. Apart from a crack in it now, it basically stuck straight back on without any re-gluing!
  17. tried em on again tonight... the small is just to tight, and the medium feels a tad loose, but still secure.. i think.

    sigh, what do

  18. I found that too, the small felt really tight but after a few hours of use it loosens up quite a bit, now it's an awesome fit. The medium felt better initially but I know that after some use it would have been too loose.
  19. double post
  20. for you mate, did it feel WAY to tight though? it made me feel really squashed and uncomfy...