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Helmet Restoration

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by shady_knife, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. got a helmet i'd like redone, the inside not the outside... anywhere that does this? any ideas? bit lost really..

  2. back to the manufacturer

    but will cost you more than a new one - if they decide to do it
  3. no other option? surely someone somewhere has an idea.... coul i scavenge parts from a newer helmet? just want to make it wearabnle...
  4. Dude, you got your answer from the one here who is most qualified to give it.
    Perhaps you should ask Takamii why this might be the case?
  5. Cut the straps off and throw it.
  6. The inside is part of the protection of the helmet and so is part of its overall certification. For this reasons it is only legal in Australia for the manufacturer to do this work and generally they won't.

    Consider it decorative only now and get your self a new helmet.
  7. i've got two good helmets.. i just like the looks of this one...

    just went and had another look at it... the inside isn't too bad really... the lining has come loose... at the moment its soaking to get rid of the dirt ect. will probably re-glue the inside... got to decide whether i want to try and find another visor for it, or fill in those the areas where the visor connects and just have it visorless.... probably end up going visorless just for laziness's sake, then a paintjob and she'll be looking smicko.
  8. You like the looks of it, but are going to paint it? :-s
  9. as in the shape of it....
  10. ](*,)I give up
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  11. why the head bashing? :S

    i asked a question, you answered. your answer did not suite my needs, so i resorted to another option.
  12. Perhaps a lounge would suite your needs better?
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  13. people restore old cars, houses, motorbikes, boats, electronics, clothing, but i'm not allowed to want to restore an older helmet? before you cry safety, alot of older things aren't as safe as their newer counterparts... doesn't mean people don't want them though.

    the manufacturer isn't going to even look twice at this helmet. thanks for the response though.

    and if you're not bashing your head on the wall because of safety, then what is it?
  14. I think he's bashing his head against a wall because you're talking about gluing in the lining of your helmet and removing the visor.

    Your brain is a pretty delicate and important part of your life, that's why most people think it's more than a little strange to take chances with it.
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  15. Thank you
  16. people, please return to your 4 wheeled vehicles, thank you.
  17. You can wear a paper mache helmet for all I care.
  18. the actual helmet is fine, it's just cosmetically bad and missing the visor. lining, when i say lining, i mean the fabric, not the stuff that actually protects you.

    anyways. thanks for the 1 or 2 actual responses.
  19. I've said some pretty dumb things on Netrider but I don't think any of them are any where near as dumb as what this guy wants to do.
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  20. See, if I didn't know something and I asked a question here, I'd probably accept the word of the experts in the field - from what I can see, 2 experts in gear answered your question... And if I didn't accept their word, what would that make me?
    But if I asked the question thinking I already knew the answer and was just looking for someone to agree and compliment me on my great idea, now what would that make me?