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Helmet Respray

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Detsta, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on respraying a helmet.
    its got 4 air vents in the top and i think they are going to be a pain.
    any help would be appreciated
    thnx :)

  2. Would you not have the be careful that depending on what paint you use this paint may harm the helmet and make it unsafe in a crash??

    I remember when plastic helmets first came out it was a huge no no to paint them. Like the first fish bowl Nolans.
  3. play with the gun settings till u get a nice light narrow stream and go over the fiddly bits a few times dont expect to do it in one go.
  4. Was thinking of getting my helmet resprayed as well, I found someone who did this, and you just let them know what to put it on the helmet and they would do it for you.

    I can't remember their details though....
  5. The main protective feature of the helmet is the foam inside, not the shell. As long as the paint didn't severely compromise the shell (so much so that the foam was at risk) it should be fine.

  6. I've been wearing one of those blue foam eskys on my head as a helmet with lookin holes cut out of it and people think I'm crazy. I will direct them to your post from now on.
  7. well i fixed the problem...i broke off accidently one of the stupid plastic air vents trying to remove them before spraying..now i have to buy a new helmet..lol
    thanks for advice anyhow
  8. Seeing as you broke that you now have a test helmet to use so you can practice your spray painting on.
  9. I would read the label inside your helemt before you paint it. It should tell you not to repaint it. The paint can damage the shell. You may not see this damage till ya take a spill. Last thing ya want is ya helmet not doing what it should when ya come off.
  10. Haha :grin:
    Tenoq, I think you've got it the wrong way around. The shell protects your head from the impact, the foam increases the stopping distance and absorbs some of the impact of your head against the helmet.
    I'd imagine, without shell you would die, without foam you would be badly bruised.
  11. Texta markers work well at patching up scratches.... :p

    I used to decorate my helmets with adhesive vinyl cut out in different shapes to form a pattern like a wave or flames.

    Regarding the post above about the integrity of a helmet is in the foam within....the shell is also an important part of a helmet because if it disintegrates upon impact, then there's nothing to protect the foam, which only serves to absorb the shocks. So a crack in the shell, or a part of the shell affected by using the wrong type of paint, can cause the helmet to disintegrate more easily than an intact helmet shell. Banging my head on the wall because i cannot believe someone actually thinks the shell isnt important.... :roll:
  12. I got a design I want to put on a helmet ,would be interested to know the name of the place ,if you can remember :) .

    See you tube video site ,and put in " air brush helmets" for a few ideas and lessons.