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Helmet replacement?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Wreckaotik, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. So I was riding the other day, and the vehicle in front kicked up a rock that bounced of my helmet with a loud crack. When I got home I noticed that there had been some damage done.
    Should I still use this helmet or is it time to get a new one? There seems to be no cracks, just the chip taken out of it. Is home repair an option? IMG_7544.JPG

  2. That's a tough call. Some will say repalce the helmet, some will say, keep using it. A stone should not have inflicted enough damage to make replacing the helmet a requirement. But it is really your choice. I guess it depends on if you think the integrity of the shell has been compromised. When I dropped my helmet, and resulted in a chip that size, I replaced my hemet because I chose to. It's really up to you and how you feel about the helmet. Is the price of a helmet worth risking your life?
  3. No one can answer that question but you, nor should they IMHO.
  4. I would keep using it
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  5. I dropped my helmet from a height of about 1 meter and it broke the visor off and marked the top so I got a new one just to be safe.
  6. From what I understand if the eps liner hasn't been compressed and there's no cracks then the lid is still ok
  7. Yeah but you can't tell if the liner has been compressed without x-raying or pulling the helmet apart, IIRC
  8. Helmets are robust things, designed to take evertyday wear, tear and knocks. They are not made from Dresden porcelain. It is highly unlikely that any rock thrown up by a car, and which didn't physically knock you off the bike, would apply sufficient force to compress the liner to any significant extent.

    I'd keep using the lid but ultimately it's your call.
  9. Black texta and keep on riding
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  10. Misses dropped her helmet from about 1 meter.
    Just got a new one.. not worth the anxiety if its compromised.
    If its a really expensive one get it tested.
    Most people tell me to be prepared to buy a new helmet every year or so..

    Ride Safe
  11. Most people are talking crap. Unless you actually crash in it, any lid will last well over a year. Even race regulations only demand 3-yearly (IIRC) replacements. In reality, knackered visor mechanisms (or lack of availability of visors), grungy linings or the need to indulge in some retail therapy will lead most users to replace their helmet long before the structure deteriorates to any measurable extent.
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  12. You're right, there's nothing like that new helmet smell.
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  13. Thanks all for your input. It's over three years old, and its had a few knocks and the stone. Perhaps it's time to get a new one. :happy:
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  14. Good decision.
  15. Good Idea, Time for a new one. After 3 years, your perspiration and body oils also affect the lining and padding, degrading it, so yes, time for a new helmet. Have fun shopping.
  16. I'd keep it as a spare or give it to the Mrs/Mistress & go buy yerself a new one! Thats a good enough excuse to do so!
  17. I dunno, my new helmet kinda smelt like a new iPhone.....

    OP - Wise decision to replace the helmet IMO.
  18. I run into door frames all the time with my helmet on and I still use it :D
  19. Surely helmets aren't as fragile to rquire replacing after a stonechip though?? Still, you never know & on that basis alone I would replace it. I've had mine fall from my seat, albeit broken by the side of my foot, and not worried.
  20. If you had been hit hard enough to compress the liner, you would know about it.
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