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Helmet removal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gsxar, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. I need a pamphlet ,handout out poster anything with pictures showing the steps of how to remove a helmet if cpr etc is needed.
    Looked and looked on the net – so I thought with all this knowledge here someone maybe able to help
    Thanks in advance

  2. Re: Hemet removal

    When I last did my first aid I asked the EXACT question... and the response I got was leave it on til the paramedics arive ..... and if you have to take it off do it VERY CAREFULLY making sure to support the neck and not move the head too much..... now thats a task !!

    Thats helpfull if you have one of THOSE helmets!!! :p
  3. Re: Hemet removal

    [Mexican method]

    Step 1. Inspect helmet for damage. If undamaged and desirable go to step 2. If not, terminate proceedure.

    Step 2. Carefully place padding, eg a rolled up jacket, under the victims head (so as not to scratch helmet).

    Step 3. Carefully undo helmet fastener and ease off victims head, being sure not to scratch helmet or get body fluids on liner.

    Step 4. Check helmet size. If suitable proceed to step 5. If not, terminate proceedure.

    Step 5. Compare with own helmet, if better proceed to step 6. If not, terminate proceedure.

    Step 6. Swap hemets and call emergency services immediately.
  4. Know the steps etc, all the information
    But I need pictures of it for a power point demonstration I'm doing.
  5. If the patient is conscious obviously leave it.
    If the patient is unconscious but breathing, LEAVE IT
    If the patient is not breathing (unconscious) remove the helmet moving the neck as little as possible, it's not important exactly how it's done if your Joe Public. Don't worry about spinal that won't kill them, not breathing will! And of course get help ASAP
  6. Re: Hemet removal

    Check with Groberts, he possibly maybe able to get it for you..
  7. Hi guys, to be honest I know what I would do... PANIC!!!. Then when im finished panicing, I would follow Wills advice, I makes sence, why risk turning your mate into a paraplegic unless he/she is gonna die if you don't remove it?. But then again, Im just talking out aloud, I don't know the official procedure, but I think it's great that you guys are intelligent enough to even think about these things. Makes me hope that you guys are around if god forbid I need assistance of this nature!
  8. Try this site

    I've been in touch with St Johns here in vic to try and organise a riders first aid course as they do in the UK and Now in NSW , in conjunction with MCCNSW.

    Just out of interest how many would be interested in such a course ?
  9. just do the same thing you always do when you remove your helmet. take gloves off and undo the straps, take helmet off then you can do the cpr as per usual
  10. hm... you guys seems to be forgetting to remove the cheek pads as well?

    while shopping for a helmet, i saw a picture diagram at one of the stands with steps needed to remove a hemet to allow for cpr

    from memory, it said to undo strap, then slip ur finger inbetween the cheek pads and the shell of the helmet to unbutton the cheek pad. remove the cheek pads, and it will be much easier to remove the helmet

    gsxar: maybe you can head into a bike store and take pictures of that diagram i saw?
  11. That would work well for the helmets that had removable lining and cheek pads.

    For the rest of them...................*shrug*

    This hatsoff mob..........if pulling on the head to remove helmet is dangerous, wouldnt pushing down on it be equally as dangerous?
    The system relies on downward pressure on the head with possible compression of the neck to lift the helmet off.
    Maybe it's just me, but I reckon its a gimmic
  12. Why am I utterly UNsurprised that you would take the mickey out of such an important subject?

    Loved it :LOL:
  13. I picked up a good little 28 page book ,from the NSW RTA at the sydney bike show FREE.
    It's has the DRABC action plan ,that's CPR for the non fisrt aiders.
    And helmet removal tips ,what Will said above is right.
    And to remove leathers ect ,as it will hide larger cuts ect.
    How to treat burns... ,emergency contact number.
    Contact RTA on 132213 see where you can pick one up,the book is called "breaking habits"
    The book is small and fits in my tool kit ,for the just incase .
    I do first aid for a living ,and learnt alot form this book.
  14. umm, have you done any force equilbriu, work at all?

    No load on the neck when doing this - only compressive load on the top of your head