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Helmet recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hammer73a, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Hi all I'm a new rider here and about to make my first purchase (apart from the bike!) and that is a new helmet.

    I have been down to PS and have seen the 'wall of helmets', I think having so much choice makes things difficult to make a decision!

    I am looking for a full face helmet around the $500 mark and prefer to stick to the known big brands. I do like the Arai Vector 2, but is stretching the budget at $650.

    I am looking at doing mainly country riding on a naked and would prefer something that is reasonably quiet but I know that can be a real challenge, apart from that I would like something that is reasonable good in terms of construction - I don't need flip down visors etc

    I'm pretty sure I can grab something around or under $500, but I'm just not sure where to start! Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Try them on, different helmets fit different shaped heads better than others, a firm fit without pressure points is what you wan.t
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  3. Arai and Shoei are good quality products that will last well .... that being said it is fit that is most important. A cheap helmet will work ok but will probably only last a cheap amount of time... nothing wrong with that if it fits your budget.
  4. Look at the superseded ones they have on special. I got a $399 rrp shark helmet for $150 a few years back. U will prob have limited colour choice though
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  5. As above different helmets suit different head shapes. Try Welcome to CRASH! for a comparison of safety and comfort.
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  6. PS have most of their sale helmets on line. You need to ask at the store to see if they'll get one in for you to try.
    Road, Helmets, Full Face Helmets - Peter Stevens
    Plain helmets are cheaper than the ones with designs.
    Shark is another good brand. Never worn Bell but they have been around a long time.
  7. As stated above, ignore the price, fit is the key (well as long as you can afford it). Cheaper helmets are just as safe, they just tend to have cheaper lining/plastics and may weight a little more.

    Noise is also personal, some people swear a helmet is quite, another swears it's the loudest helmet they've ever had (I call it the seashell effect). But one thing is universal with any helmet, you should wear earplugs when riding at highway speeds regardless.
  8. i went in PS city store recently and bought a GT- Air regalia for $599 down from $899( apparently). The online price and in store price were exactly the same. Best thing i found was to try a bunch of different brands on to get the correct fit and go from there price wise. I always found they are willing to give a small discount if you can find someone to help you out. Better to go mid afternoon or early morning when they are not too busy.
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  9. Thanks for the advice horda - seems like a plan! Thanks to all for your responses, been a great help!
  10. I have the Vector 2, cost $460 about a year ago without the tinted visor (I wear sunnies) and in white - bought it at PS in Melbourne. White as it is probably better for being seen, not that that can mean much. Comfortable helmet with good ventilation and padding, but noisier than my old THH, which was bigger. I didn't fit the SHOEI shape apparently. Happy with my purchase.
  11. The important thing is to actually wear the helmet and let it sit on your head foe awhile to see if the fit is proper and that it is not overly tight and gives you a headache. Sharks have a good range of moderately priced helmets. They are made in France and most have dual visors. But wear them first.
  12. Everything has been said here except that when you try out a helmet (After the PS guy has taken the measurement), leave it on for a few minutes. You may hover between sizes so a tighter fit may have some more pressure which can cause headaches if you wear it for a few hours (when riding).

    Also, if you wear vision glasses, make sure that they fit properly (and are comfortable) and if you plan to wear sunnies, take them with you and try them on with the helmet as well.

    All the best.
  13. Some excellent advice in this thread. Thank you, my local B.S. here sells Shark and AGV? helmets so have been researching for my first purchase. I just say I like the Shark Skwal for a little bling that being said you can't compromise on fit and justify LED's..

    What did you end up with Hammer73aHammer73a ?
  14. Thanks for your advice everyone - as it turns out, I visited my local PS and like the fit of the Arai vector 2 but price was a stretch and didn't have the colour I wanted (mainly white). So after that I went to a more local (smaller) bike shop and tried on the Shark. While the price was right - the fit was terrible, I also thought the vision felt quite restricted through the visor! Anyway, so I tried and quite immediately liked the Kabuto Aeroblade 3 in XL (geez I have a large and/or odd shaped head!). I have ordered in the Linea Pearl - looking forward to my first ride once it arrived in a few days! Cheers all!
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