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Helmet recommendations?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by TCShadow, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. I've had an off recently and cracked my helmet so I'm in the market for a new one. Any recommendations? I'd like something full face, light and quiet. Budget up to around $300. Anything $500 and up is WAY out though.

  2. Sweetie why do you under value your cranium?
  3. lets all get a $3k helmet.
  4. I don't undervalue my cranium at all. But I simply can't afford to spend out of my budget. I'm definitely going for full face and will probably try to pick up something that would have been far in excess of my original budget at a sale at MCAS or something and don't get me wrong I'd love a $1000 shoei but I simply can't afford it.
  5. The most important thing when it comes to a helmet is that it fits properly, the second consideration is whether it's comfortable (which comes from it fitting properly) then comes the cost.

    I wear HJC helmets, usually a CL or CS model. Currently I have an FS15. I have tried on the $600+ Shoei, Shark, Arai and AGV and only the older ($700 at the time) AGV X Vent came close to fitting properly. Even that had to be replaced when I changed bikes. My GSX600F was more 'head down bum up' than my Bandit. When I wore the AGV on the Bandit it would try and lift off my head at anything approaching 100kmh (or more). This was never a problem on the 600.

    There is no doubt that, generally speaking, the more expensive helmets are of better quality and are lighter. My advice is to buy the most expensive helmet you can afford that fits YOUR head properly.
  6. Ah the old if its more expensive it must be better gambit. Like all generalisations it has exceptions.
  7. And as I alluded to, there is no point buying a $1000 helmet if it doesn't fit your head properly.

    After ensuring it meets the required legal standards, fitment is the most important factor.
  8. Sorry wasnt aimed at you. We posted about the same time.
  9. oops, sorry.....

    While I realise it's not your first helmet purchase, it may be worth mentioning. When you try on a helmet, make sure you do up the stap properly, move the visor up and down, and leave the helmet on your head for at least 5 minutes, 10 or 15 is better. If after this time you get pain, it should be a little tight but shouldn't hurt, take the helmet off and try another one.

    Different brands have different shell shapes, so try as many as possible.

    One more thing, if you wear glasses, don't forget to wear them when you are trying on helmets. Nothing worse than buying a $600+ helmet only to find out you can't get your glasses on, or the arms are pressed so hard against your head it hurts.
  10. +1 on HJC from my old boy.
    He has an... AC-10? Older model but the inners seem quite plush and comfy. He loves it.
  11. I got a Nolan N80 (pretty sure it was 'N80'), lightweight and the best fitting helmet I found, it's one of the more affordable ones too - mine set me back about $350 from memory.
  12. sharks - quiet, comfiest things you can wear, and many of them come in at about $300. look around and make sure it's the perfect fit :)
  13. The last 2 posts are good examples of what I've been talking about.

    Nolan is the best fitting helmet, oh but wait someone else said Shark helmets are the comfiest things you can wear.

    I say HJC are the best fitting helmet money can buy.

    So who is right? We all are, because different helmets fit different heads. What one person thinks is the best, will give someone else a headache in 5 minutes, that's if they can get it on their head in the first place.

    Try them ALL on, buy the one that fits YOU the best for the price you can afford.
  14. Sweetie I am delighted you value your cranium, so what does higher expenditure garner in the terms of features.

    Darling better Air Flow: Do not underestimate how important this is both into and out of the exhaust vents, plus the ease of opening and closing the vents.

    Washable Internals: I would not procure a helmet that did not have removable washable internals, better still if you have the gorgeous option of adding differing size cheek pads.

    Visor Release System: I detest fidgety systems, ease of insertion and release is paramount.

    Shell Size: Some makers i.e. Shoei offer differing shell sizes.

    Weight and Aerodynamics: To this little biscuit weight matters and if you have ridden a long time in a heavy wind buffeted helmet you will understand this plight.
  15. As everyone has already said, the most important things are fit and shape. Not all heads are the same shape, and not all helmets.

    An expensive hat is likely to be made to a higher standard, especially in terms of presentation, quality of construction and finish. It doesn't necessarily protect your head any better, it's just a nicer thing to have.

    Expensive hats tend to have stiffer stronger shells, which in some kinds of impacts is a good thing, and it helps them pass the intrusion / penetration test by higher margins. Softer more flexible shells, found on cheaper hats, tend to just scrape through that test. That said, the more flexible shell often seems to do a better job of protecting your head in an impact with a flat surface, like the road.
  16. sparX S-07 helmets cost around 100 bucks and are better quality than any lid you'd find for around 300 bucks, good budget helmet.
    they're made by KBC.
    i have one as a spare or for a pillion
    comfy and has all the good features.
    i was in the same situation as yourself and budgeted around 300 bucks, went to the shops, tried on everything for around that price... then for the hell of it, tried on the sparX for 100 bucks... suprisingly it was much better than all the rest i'd tried on and had more features.
    i would'nt have thought so and had the pre-concieved notion that anything for that price must be relatively crap.... this explains how/why you get that quality for that price> http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-helmet/sparx/s-07/
    they get 3 stars in SHARP test
  17. Ive always thought that car helmets should be more introspection proof.

    Also that sometimes stronger shells isnt as good since the force would be transmitted to the head.
  18. That's all very good Rattus, but not everyone can afford $1000 for a helmet. Some of us can only afford $500, others $300.

    As I and others have said, there's no point buying an overly expensive helmet if the bloody thing doesn't fit properly. In my opinion an ill fitting expensive helmet is more dangerous than a cheap helmet that fits properly.

    Oh, and the AGV I had was very light and well vented, but on the B12 it tried to pull my head off, no such problem with the (slightly) heavier HJC.
  19. My dear fellow I'm not trying to sound elitist, I'm simply pointing out a reasonable fact.....

    Sweeties I've lost count of the number of learner legal bikes I've seen "Blinged Up" particularly the 250 Ninjas with Akra bolt on's. This little biscuit is firm in my belief this money would be better spent on upgrading critical protective gear.

    .......but then what would I know I only crash test helmets with the afore posted better quality features.

  20. Some of us don't have a choice.

    The ONLY helmets currently on the AU market that fit me is the Shoei range, the Arai used to fit until I lost a heap of weight and my head magiacally when down a size and I can't find a xxs Arai :(