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Helmet recall!?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Shamelessly stolen from another group.....

    There's been a helmet recall. Because a legally certified helmet is
    well.. not as good as it should be. This is likely to set rather a
    lot of felines after tweetybirds...

    If you know anyone with a cheap shorty helmet, get them to check.

    These ones have the sticker shown at bottom left of the four on this



    Bulk Bikes—Kylin XR-205 Motorcycle Helmet
    PRA number: 2013/13558
    Date published: 28th April 2013
    Product information
    Product description
    Open face skull cap motorcycle helmet size large, 59-60cm
    Identifying features
    XR-205, L, 59-60cm
    What are the defects?
    A number of large sized Kylin motorcycle helmets do not meet
    performance requirements that are outlined in the Australian/New
    Zealand Standard AS/NZS1698:2006.
    What are the hazards?
    There is a possibility that the helmets may not provide adequate
    protection to the wearer in the event of an accident and may increase
    the risk of death or serious injury to the wearer.
    Dates available for sale
    14th September 2012 - 25th April 2013
    Where the product was sold
    Traders who sold this product
    Bulk Bikes
    Bulk Bikes
    What should consumers do?
    Consumers should immediately stop using the helmets and contact Bulk
    Bikes to organise for a refund or replacement. For further information
    please email bulkbikes@bigpond.com.
  2. Looks like something I might entertain on a pushy but not a motorbike. The 206 model is for wanna-be Nazis Storm-troopers out there.

    Note: The New Zealand website "MotoZone" is still offered them up for sale ATM.
  3. well that gives me 100% confidence is our approvals process and makes me glad we pay more rather than adopt SNELL or DOT.
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  4. It should give you 100% confidence that products are monitored and, if necessary, recalled.

    People quibble about local prices but then happily cough up the dollars for off-shore postal services :rolleyes: ... I'd rather support local people in earning a living.
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  5. #6 trd2000, Apr 30, 2013
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    Mmmm. Recalls mean QA/QC failed. They aren't part of the system they're an admission of failure.

    edit: its like being given a cheque then being told it bounced by your bank...

    and id rather support local people too... provided they aren't price gouging... but the standards system just makes our lids more expensive, they have to be made in small batches... it's got absolutely nothing to do with online shopping.... the only people it benefits are the beurocrats that administer the standards, the police who hand out the tickets and the road safety spurts at places like MUARC and the RTA.... if we adopted an existing standard, lids would be cheaper, we'd have more choice, and people could afford to wear/replace better quality kit.... i value that over local public service jobs.
  6. I wonder if the recall was as a result of a fatality or did Crashlab who are the only registered testing authority in Australia pick something up?
  7. What makes you think they don't price gouge elsewhere?

    I cannot think of any good reason to absolve our government, who I pay for through my taxes, of responsibility for insuring safe products.
  8. What I'd like to see happen, is the current AS1698 to be thrown out and redone from scratch using tried and proven research methods, gleaming from SNELL, DOT and especially the European Standards... It would create jobs, keep the local hard worker in work... I really don't see it happening though, sadly.
  9. How bout cause they're incompetent?
  10. btw i think you meant ensuring.
  11. I find it interesting that the powers that be (at least in NSW) are happy enough to let a person with a fairly big head (>62 cms?) entrust their brains to a Euro spec or yankee spec helmet, but those with smaller heads have to have one of these fairly shonky Ozzie standard helmets.

    Before the system was stuffed up, one had some confidence in the testing regime, but now......(shrug)
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  12. I don't think you can say that AS1698 is not a good standard, it is as good as some of the best standards in the world. The issue with having a separate standard as distinct to adopting say the European or Japanese standard is the significant additional cost the AS1698 puts on local riders. Please note the "official" Australian Standard is AS1698:1998, not AS1698:2006. CRASHLAB is currently testing against the incorrect (non sanctioned) standard.

    In the recently released NSW Motorcycle Safety Strategy document, the NSW govt will "continue to improve on helmet standards and helmet use, including the CRASH program and researching INTERNATIONAL HELMET STANDARDS" (action 26), and "Seek input from stakeholders and motorcycle rider community to manage motorcycle safety and standards issues (eg MOTORCYCLE HELMETS)" (action 30).

    This paper is available at http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/downloads/motorcycle_strategy2012.pdf
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  13. mmm the NSW govt is spending taxpayer money trying to work out why taxpayers don't buy more expensive helmets.... o_O
  14. Sorry, Bandit, the shonky was about the four different testing and approving businesses, not the original standard.

    Now, the logic of Oz having it's own standard, different from Europe and different from the US....dunno.
  15. Yep, understand and agree with your comments on the certification bodies. These were/are managed by CRASHLAB and as far as I can see were appointed as a result of a commercial arrangement which, as far as I'm concerned is a conflict of interest. In fact I've been told that when ALDI first sold their helmets, the accreditation company was not approved to certify helmets, yet they were sold.
  16. everyone knows aussie sold helmets are so expensive cos the gov co fit mind control devices to each one, and in vic they have gps, so they can track your location and via express postage you can have the speeding ticket in your letter box before you finish your ride
  17. CRACK UP...
    What are the hazards?

    There is a possibility that the helmets may not provide adequate protection to the wearer in the event of an accident and may increase the risk of death or serious injury to the wearer.

    let me get this straight... so as long as your helmet is up to code there is NO POSSIBILITY that it won't provide adequate protection.... and these helmets can actually INCREASE the risk of death.... you'd be better off not wearing it at all.
  18. How would you know of these recalls if you bought one of these offending helmets? I guess its the same with recalls issued on a lot of products out there!!